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What’s So Juicy About Juice?

Fruit juice is convenient. Juice is refreshing. Juice is healthy. Stop! Is juice really healthy?

As so often in life: It depends. More precisely, it depends on the type of juice. Much of what you see in a normal grocery store is not a fruit juice, it’s a fruit drink. With added sugar. It should be immediately clear that added sugar won’t help you to lose weight permanently.

So the first thing to do before buying bottled juice is to have a look at the label. If the manufacturer had to add sugar, the extra calories will show up on your scale.

Then check: Is the juice made from concentrate? If yes, it means it has been heated up for a while to get the water out and to produce the concentrate. Heating food always diminishes vitamins and minerals. So- go for “not from concentrate” juice.

Does it contain pulp? Pulp will not only give you fiber what will make you feel full longer, making it easier to lose weight permanently. Pulp contains a lot of minerals as well, especially calcium.

Is it 100% juice? If not, it has been watered down- and often contains additional artificial flavors and chemicals. None of those should be part of healthy, natural nutrition.

How does drinking juice relate to eating the whole fruit? Let’s take oranges for an example. 1 cup of oranges contains 14 grams of carbohydrates. 1 cup of orange juice contains 26 grams – nearly double the amount. And that’s only if the orange juice is non-sweetened, with no additional sugar added. So, if you want to limit your calorie intake in order to lose weight permanently, eat the whole fruit and don’t drink juice.

In addition, the whole fruit takes longer to digest. You’re avoiding spikes in your blood sugar, what helps eliminating cravings for sweets.

If you are interested in healthy nutrition, eating the whole fruit is even more important. You’ll get the pulp, the vitamins and the minerals directly in their freshest.

And don’t forget: Water and tea are always no-calorie options if you are thirsty.

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A Little Known Secret About Boosting Your Energy While Losing Weight Permanently
The Liquid Wonder

January 22, 2009   1 Comment

A Little Known Secret About Boosting Your Energy While Losing Weight Permanently

Do you sometimes feel like you need any extra energy booster? Some of us need it in the afternoon, after lunch. Or you might like to have it in the morning, to get you day going. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know, if there a chance to get your energy up while losing weight permanently at the same time?

Green tea has been consumed for thousands of years in Asia. Nowadays, you get it often as a “not to pay for” side order in restaurants in asia, just like a free glass of water in the west.

Unlike coffee, the energy boosting effect of green tea lasts much longer. Coffee gives you a short spike in energy, while the energy surge of green tea can last for several hours- and it’s gentler too.

When thinking about drinks for permanent weight loss, green tea is one of my favorites and I drink a lot of it.  In a study performed at Birmingham (UK) University, it was shown that average fat oxidation rates were 17% higher after ingestion of Green Tea Extract than after ingestion of a placebo.

Recently I’ve read about another study on a great blog about healthy drinks:

“In a study reported on in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was found that green tea extract resulted in a significant increase in energy expenditure (a measure of metabolism), plus also had a significant effect on fat oxidation”.

So: Drink green tea, get you energy up and lose weight!

October 31, 2008   4 Comments

The Liquid Wonder

Don’t we all love beverages that are not only good for our bodies and help to lose wieght permanently, but are very cheap as well? Ironically, when it comes to liquids to drink, the cheapest is the best of all: water.

The importance of water cannot be over looked. Water helps you feel full, so always drink a glass of water with every meal. Properly hydrating your body will also help it to function, as well as digest properly. The best things about water is that it is always available, not expensive, and healthy.

Try to make sure that you always have a bottle of water with you. You will find that if you carry water with you, you will drink it. You may not even realize that you are thirsty, however, you will sip on it if you have it accessible.

Especially if you have added an exercise routine into your healthy lifestyle as an added way of getting toward your goal of permanent weight loss, your body will be losing water as you exercise. It is important to take in more water than you are losing to keep your body from dehydrating.

Water is one of nature’s wonders that you should never over look. So, drink it often and plentiful throughout the day. For an added kick to your water you can try squeezing a little fresh lemon into it.

October 30, 2008   Comments Off on The Liquid Wonder