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Triceps Exercises For Women

Triceps Exercises For Women – Lose Weight and Enjoy Sexy, Toned Arms

If you’re a woman who wants to lose weight or is in the process, you may be wondering about triceps exercises for women. The upper arm area is one that is very troublesome for most women – who wants that “winged” look when you raise your arm, flabby skin hanging and blowing in the breeze? There are some easy exercises for women for this problem, so that when you do shed all of those extra pounds you can enjoy toned, sexy arms – which means you can wear all of the sleeveless dresses and blouses you like with great confidence.

What are some of the best triceps exercises for women?

Surprisingly, some of the triceps exercises for women will help you in your effort to lose weight. Exercises using weights help build a small amount of muscle, which increases fat burn. Don’t worry about building a huge amount of muscle mass; by using light weights (5 to 10 lbs.) you won’t have to worry about this – and women generally do not have the levels of testosterone necessary to build huge, bulging muscles.

Kick-back. With this exercise, you simply hold a weight in your hand (begin with 3 to 5 lbs.) and kneel on a bench using the leg on the same side of your body that you are holding the weight with. Keeping your back straight and head faced straight forward, begin with arm bent at a 90 degree angle, upper arm parallel to the floor. Extend the weight up and back while keeping your elbow stationary.

Dumbbell triceps extension. If you are trying to lose weight, most likely you have an exercise regimen to help you firm up and burn fat faster. Include this exercise to help tone up those arms! Standing straight, hold an 8 to 10 lb. dumbbell over your head, holding it with both hands. Slowly lower the dumbbell further behind your head, until you feel a good stretch or “burn.” Return to start and do 10 to 12 repetitions.

Triceps exercises for women that can be done using your bodyweight

In your efforts to lose weight, most likely there are moves you practice that require no equipment or weights – just your own bodyweight! Here are a couple of exercises you can do anywhere, without any extra equipment.

Push-ups with a twist. Push-ups are great for your entire body, and work many muscles other than just the shoulders, chest and arms. With this version of the old push-up, you simply get into the same position as you normally would. The only difference is that you keep your elbows in close to your sides as you lower down. As you’re doing this move, squeeze your butt and tummy for all-over toning!

Bench dips. Don’t worry if you don’t have a bench – a kitchen chair works perfect for this exercise. Sit on a chair, hands to your sides with legs extended, knees and feet together. Keeping your chest up and elbows tucked in, lower your body, keeping your back close to the chair. Push your body back up using only your triceps muscles. It’s tempting to use your legs and feet, but the exercise will only be effective if you zero in on the triceps.

Whether or not you’re trying to lose weight, these triceps exercises for women will give you great looking arms. Every woman envies other women who have perfectly toned arms, and you can have them, too.

If you are trying to lose weight, remember that your thighs, tummy and butt are not the only parts of your body that matter! You want your entire body to be sleek and sexy – yes, even your arms. Put these triceps exercises for women into action, and save the long sleeves for cold weather.


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Thigh Exercises For Women

Thigh Exercises For Women – When You Want to Lose Weight and Firm Up For a Fabulous Figure

You’re trying to lose weight, but at the same time you don’t want to end up with flabby thighs, which is highly likely if you drop the pounds but do nothing to tighten up the excess skin. If you’re looking for thigh exercises for women, there are many that are extremely effective exercises for women, so that once you’ve slimmed down to your desired weight, you can enjoy fabulous legs that are firm and slim. Naturally, running, walking and jogging are great ways to slim your thighs, but there are easy exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home that work very well.

Thigh exercises for women – include light weights for double the benefits

When you’re wanting to lose weight, not only do you need to cut back on calories and saturated fats, the exercises you do can assist in your weight loss efforts as well. Using hand-held weights (dumbbells) that weigh anywhere from 3 lbs. to 8 or 10 lbs. can help build a small amount of muscle, and muscle burns fat and calories at a fast rate.

Thigh exercises for women that are super-effective include squats and lunges, both performed using dumbbells. Strive to do two or three sets of 8 to 10 squats when beginning, and work your way up as you get stronger. Same with lunges – you don’t want to overdo it! These exercises are some of the most effective you will find for slimming and toning the thighs.

Thigh exercises for women – grab a kitchen chair!

If you’re a woman who wants to lose weight, but you just don’t have the stamina or motivation to do exercises you consider “hard,” these are easy to do, and can be accomplished with nothing but a kitchen chair. Do these 3 or 4 days a week, and you’ll notice that your thighs are firming up and gaining a nice shape you’ll be proud of come summer months!

When you do lose weight, the inner thighs are one of the hardest areas to firm. This exercise will help blast that inner thigh flab:

Sitting on a sturdy chair, rest your feet flat on the floor with knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Place a thick bed pillow between your knee/thigh area, and breathe out as you squeeze the pillow as hard as possible. Breathe normally, and hold for a count of 60 seconds. Repeat this exercise 2 to 3 times.

A seated leg raise helps firm and tone the front of the thighs, another problem area for many women. Sitting on the chair as before with knees at a 90 degree angle, rest hands on edge of chair for support and exhale as you slowly bring one leg up straight in front of you, parallel to the floor, knee straight. Breathe normally as you hold for a count of 30 seconds. As you lower your leg, inhale and then repeat with the opposite leg. Repeat this move 2 to 3 times.

Thigh exercises for women – leg circles

Pilates moves are wonderful for slimming and firming the thighs, giving you the long, lithe look of a ballet dancer.

Leg circles are simple to do, but the results are awesome. Lie on your back, legs flat on the floor. Lift one leg about 12 inches from the floor and perform 12 tight, small circles in one direction, then circle in the other direction 12 times. Repeat with the opposite leg. You can build up to more repetitions as your legs become stronger.

When you want to lose weight, the last thing you want to do is slim down to a normal weight, only to have flabby skin or cellulite ruining your new look. Reading about these thigh exercises for women won’t do a thing for you, but if you put them in action you’ll enjoy the shapely thighs that will capture everyone’s attention as you lose weight!


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Chest Exercises For Women

Chest Exercises For Women – Why You May Need Them When You Lose Weight

In your effort to lose weight, you may have noticed that your breasts don’t seem to be where they used to be; sagging, loose skin is unattractive, and you want to look your best. Chest exercises for women can help you get back that perky, youthful look that you enjoyed before you dropped the extra weight.

You may be worrying before the fact, thinking that if you do lose weight your breasts will disappear completely. This is a real problem for small-breasted women, but you can avoid that completely “flat” look by practicing chest exercises for women during the process of shedding those pounds, so that you have a toned, perky look. Here are a few tips.

Chest exercises for women – push ups

For many women, push ups seem impossible – but they are really quite easy. Instead of the old fashioned way where you must go up on your toes, simply perform push ups from your knees, with the bottom portion of your legs (from the knees down) pointed toward the ceiling and crossed at the ankles.

Alternatively, you can perform push ups from a wall for the same great effect. Simply stand about 18″ from the wall with elbows bent and your hands flat against the wall at shoulder level. Keeping back straight, perform push ups just as you would if you were doing them on the floor. If you have been trying to lose weight, be sure to exercise your chest muscles to help prevent sagging and loss of muscle tone.

Lose weight and still look great – chest exercises for women involving light weights

No, lifting weights will not build huge, bulging biceps and make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger! The dumbbell bench press and chest fly exercises will give you strong chest muscles and improve muscle tone, lifting your breasts and eliminating that sagging appearance that can detract from your looks and self-confidence.

You don’t have to use extremely heavy weights to reap the benefits – simple 3 to 5 pound dumbbells will work wonders. With the dumbbell bench press, simply lie on a bench with a dumbbell in each hand, then bring them to your shoulders. Press up directly toward the ceiling, palms facing forward. Keeping elbows pointed out, slowly lower the dumbbells back to starting position at your shoulders. Strive for about 12 to 15 repetitions.

The dumbbell chest fly is performed in a similar manner, only you bring the weights together in the center of your chest, palms facing, then arc your arms out to your sides, palms facing toward the ceiling. Do not lock your elbows in this exercise; once your arms have reached slightly past parallel to the ground, return to starting position.

What Chest Exercises for Women Will Do For You

Chest exercises for women will help you achieve and maintain a firm bustline, whether you are fully endowed or have a smaller chest. Yes, even small breasted women who lose weight often notice slight sagging of the breasts – but this can all be prevented if you’re dedicated to making the effort!

Whether or not you are trying to lose weight, keep your upper body in shape. Also keep in mind that chest exercises for women can be anything from pushing a stroller or lawnmower to swinging a tennis racket. Anything that involves the muscles in the chest will help firm and lift! Always practice good posture, as this automatically gives your chest a more youthful appearance.

No woman wants their breasts to resemble what they remember their 92-year-old grandmother’s looking like, so keep yours where they belong with the right chest exercises for women. This is particularly important if you intend to lose weight, so don’t lose sight of your upper body in your efforts to perfect the lower body!


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Leg Exercises for Women

Leg Exercises for Women Help You Lose Weight – and Develop Shapely Legs

If you are a woman who desires to lose weight, leg exercises for women can help speed the process along while giving you trim, shapely thighs and calves. Even if you only need to lose 10 or 15 pounds, doing so without doing exercises for women can leave you with excess, flabby skin – not attractive when you want to wear shorts or a bathing suit during the warmer seasons of the year!

There are countless leg exercises for women, but some are more effective than others. When you are attempting to lose weight, what are some of the best exercises that will help you slim and tone your legs quickly?

Leg exercises for women using dumbbells is extremely effective

Not only does building a small amount of muscle give your legs tone and shape, it also helps you lose weight. Muscle burns calories and fat at a much faster rate than fat tissue. Using 3 lb. dumbbells and building up to 5 or even 8 lbs. gradually will blast the flab, and help you shed those pounds faster.

Performing squats and lunges using weights is super effective; not only will this firm your legs, these moves help tone up your butt as well – and what woman doesn’t want a shapely derriere? You don’t want to overdo it when you start, so begin with a single set of 10-12 squats each day, and 8-10 lunges on each leg, building up to 3 sets of each on the days that you do weight resistance exercise.

Leg exercises for women – graceful ballet moves

Love the long, lithe look of ballet dancers? These moves will help you achieve those lovely long legs and will prevent you from those jelly-like thighs when you lose weight.

A plie is a very effective move that helps tighten the muscles in the back of the thighs, a problem area prone to cellulite for many women. Stand with your feet pointing outward, about shoulder width apart. Squat down until thighs are parallel with floor; as you are coming back to standing position, squeeze butt and inner thigh muscles. Repeat this move for 10-12 reps, and gradually move up to three sets.

Pilates and yoga are two forms of exercise that are very similar to ballet moves. Practice some of these types of exercise to stretch muscles and give them that long, lean look. Leg circles performed while lying on your back help firm thighs quick, a problem area for many women. Keep the circles tight and movements very controlled for the greatest effect.

Running – one of the best leg exercises for women

It is a well known fact that if you want to lose weight, you need to include some form of aerobic activity that gets your heart rate up and burns calories. Running (or jogging) is and always has been one of the most effective exercises, whether you run outdoors or on a treadmill in your home. Try to jog or run for at least 20 minutes 3 times a week for the greatest results.

When you want to lose weight it is very important that you exercise all areas of your body so that you enjoy toned, firm muscles and a balanced look. Sure, every woman desires sexy legs, but a fat tummy would ruin the whole effect!

For the quickest results, the recommended solution is to use a combination of all of the leg exercises for women mentioned above. You may want to alternate days, running or jogging one day then practicing weight training with dumbbells and ballet moves the next. Aim for a good workout 5 days a week, and you’ll soon have those firm, shapely legs you envy on other women!


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Workout Routine For Women

Women Over 40 Want a Workout Routine For Women That Works!

Women over 40 face special challenges when it comes to trying to lose weight and slim down. If you are looking for a workout routine for women that will actually give you results, we offer plenty of tips and ideas below. You may have tried several different approaches that just haven’t given you the results you want. We all hear that walking is a good form of exercise for anyone, and it is. However, women over 40 often have a harder time slimming down due to the hormonal changes associated with perimenopause, a sluggish metabolism, malfunctioning thyroid and other issues. Is there a workout routine for women that really works for those who fall in this group?

You will be glad to know there is.

A Workout Routine for Women – Why Women over 40 Require 3 Components to Achieve Exceptional Results

What have you tried in the past, and why didn’t it work? If you enjoy jogging or walking, you may be getting the cardiovascular exercise you need but that leaves you lacking in two areas – flexibility and strength training.

As we age, we become less flexible and our bones become weaker, putting us at risk of fractures, osteoporosis and other conditions. Not only do you need to add flexibility moves to your routine, it is important that strength training is part of your exercise regimen. Strength training not only tones your muscles and gives you nice definition, it also helps build a small amount of muscle – which means faster fat and calorie burn due to an efficiently functioning metabolism. And no, you won’t look like a bodybuilder if you lose light hand weights and perform weight resistance moves.

Sample Workout Routine for Women

Women over 40 want a routine they can stick with. You lead a busy life; it’s often hard to find time to go to the gym 3 or 4 days a week. There is good news! There are many routines you can do from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Here is one example of a simple routine that will whip you in to shape in no time at all:

Workout Routine for Women – Flexibility

Flexibility – Stretching exercises improve flexibility, which keeps your body lithe and help protect you from injuries. Stretch your entire body with moves that loosen up your hamstrings, glutes, back, arms, calves and hips. Many stretching exercises are performed standing, sitting or laying on the floor.

Workout Routine for Women – Strength Training

Strength training – For women over 40, the best workout routine for women includes strength training about 3 days each week. Using light hand weights or dumbbells weighing 3 to 5 lbs., perform a series of squats and lunges using one weight in each hand. In the beginning, you may want to perform 2 sets of 10 squats and the same with lunges; as you progress and feel stronger, increase to 3 sets of 12 or 15 squats and lunges. You can also increase the weight as your strength builds – but don’t overdo it in the beginning as this could result in sore muscles and injury.

Strength training for the upper body is also a good idea to keep arms in shape and prevent that “dingle-dangle” flab underneath upper arms that many women get as they age.

Workout Routine for Women – Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise is exercise that gets your heart pumping and makes you sweat. True, no woman wants to sweat – but you do want a slim, sexy body, right? Jogging, running on a tread mill, aerobics, even engaging in kick-boxing moves will help burn fat fast and improve heart health.

How Long Should Women over 40 Engage in Each of the 3 Areas in a Workout Routine for Women?

Overall, your workout should be a minimum of 30 minutes long, preferably 40 or so. Perform flexibility moves such as stretching and yoga for 5 to 10 minutes, then move on to cardiovascular exercise for about 10 to 15 minutes. Finish up with 10 minutes of strength training, followed by light stretching as your muscles cool down.

Women over 40 do not have to face vigorous exercise for an hour every day of the week to achieve a slim, well-defined and healthy body. Create your own version of our workout routine for women above, and get moving 3 to 4 days each week. You will soon see a transformation you love when you look in the mirror!


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Arm Exercises for Women

Arm Exercises for Women: What are Arm Exercises for Women You Can Do at Home? Let’s start with why you might want to do arm exercises for women.

Reasons to Do Arm Exercises for Women

Many women want to get toned arms. If fat sits on your hips, thighs ore belly it can be covered up by clothing. But arms are much more visible and there are times of the year or vacations when you want to be sleeveless. Also, particularly in women over 40, the skin on your upper arms can become a bit loose and you might want to prevent that by having firm upper arms. If you want an overall toned body have these exercises as part of your exercises for women routine.

In addition, physical strength helps you when doing things around the house and for some hobbies like gardening you will welcome the additional strength.

Arm Exercises for Women at Home

For all of these arm exercises you will need weights- dumb bells are sufficient. You do not need a gym with bar bells, machines or anything like that. Most of my readers dislike going to a gym, and all of these exercises can be done at home.

When talking about arm exercises for women we mean exercises targeting the triceps and biceps, not the shoulder or the chest. In this article I give you 2 exercises for the triceps, and 2 exercises for the biceps.

2 Triceps Arm Exercises for Women

Please make sure you do this exercise (called “skull crusher”) correctly. Start with low weights and practice until you have perfected the movement. This exercise alone will bring you a lot of progress in developing the triceps muscles.

Lie on the floor or a bench and take the weights in your hand. Lift them over your head. Move the weights backwards over your head so that your upper arms arms are pointing to the ceiling, the lower arms are parallel to the floor and your palms are facing upward. Keep your upper arms fixed and lift the weight up from your elbow until you have a straight arm and then lower it slowly until your lower arms are parallel to the floor again.

Do 3 sets with 12-15 repetitions.

The second exercise is the bench press. It is often done using a barbell, but your dumb bells will work too (and are more feminine too). You can move with this exercise a relatively heavy weight easily. Once again, make sure you do it correctly, particularly when you are using heavy weights.

Lie on the floor or a bench. Grab the dumb bells and put them over your chest. Lift the weights up slowly until you arms are locked and then lower the dumb bells to your starting position down again.

Do 3 sets with 12-15 repetitions.

2 Biceps Arm Exercises for Women

Bicep Curls

This is the most common routine and can be done easily with dumb bells. After you’ve mastered the technique you will be able to increase the weight easily.

This exercise is done standing, you need to keep your back straight while doing this arm exercise for women. Get a solid stand, feet shoulder width apart. Grab the weights let the arms with the weights in hand hang at your side. Turn the hands so your palms face forward. Now curl the dumb bells up as far as they go while keeping your upper arms pointing down to the floor. Slowly lower the dumb bells back down again.

Do not move your elbows while doing this exercise.

Do 3 sets with 12-15 repetitions.

Alternate Dumb Bell Curl

If you’ve mastered the bicep curl explained above you can move on the the alternate dumb bell curl what is a variation of the bicep curl.
It focuses on lifting one arm at a time so the other arm can rest in between. This lets you handle more weight what will make you stronger in less time.

Take the dumb bells and stand with your back straight. Now curl only one dumb bell up to your shoulder while letting the opposite arm hang down. Slowly lower the dumb bell. While lowering lift the other weight at the same time. Basically, while one lower arm goes down the other goes up and vice versa.

All of these arm exercises for women need to be done with great control (as all weight exercises). Perfect form is more important than heavy weights.

In this short article I gave you 4 of the best, easy to do arm exercises for women. You can do these arm exercises for women at home, all you need is a pair of dumb bells (or even lighter weights if you are just starting out). Do these regularly and see your arms getting toned, ready for the next sleeveless occasion!

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Back Exercises for Women

Best Back Exercises for Women- Why You Should do Back Exercises for Women, Which Muscles They Target and The 3 Top Back Exercises For Women

Back Exercises for Women

In this short article I’ll cover the 3 most fundamental back exercises for women. All can be done at home, you’ll need dumb bells for it- some of my readers substitute those with bottles or something equally heavy when traveling. Also, we’ll discuss why you want to do these exercises- and you’ll see it makes sense to include them into your exercises for women routine.

Why It Is a Good Idea to Do Back Exercises for Women

Most women have desk-bound jobs- sitting long hours. Back problems are quite common, and the back can hurt tremendously. Your back is held by the back muscles, so if you train your back muscles you prevent problems from sitting too much.

Quite a few women like to exercise their ab muscles to tone the stomach area and get a flat belly. What they often forget is to balance the muscles built: If you build muscle on the front, you should built muscles on the back too. The same holds true for training the pecs (breast) muscles: You always want to train the opposite body part too.

Even more importantly back exercises for women will help your posture, making you stand more upright and stronger. You’ll appear to be more confident, and more attractive. A slouching posture will make you look like a little, immature girl- stand up tall and people will respect you more.

There are two areas of the back with different muscles to train: The upper back and the lower back.

Lower Back Exercises for Women

The best lower back exercise is the deadlift. You will need dumb bells for that.

Keep your back straight during this back exercise so there is as least pressure on the spine as possible. Put the barbell on the floor and. Stand close to the barbell and bend the knees. Lift the barbell off of the floor, while straightening the knees. Keep your heels on the floor – your knees should be placed directly over your feet. Once again: Always keep your back straight. Repeat the movement for 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

Upper Back Exercises for Women

Rows are a great exercise to do. Stand above the dumb bells, feet shoulder-width apart. Bend forward from the waist until your body is at least at a 45-degree angle to the floor. Grab the weights, and pull them up until they touche your chest. Lower the dumb bells slowly.
Repeat for 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

Pull-overs are a back exercise that will train your triceps as well. If you want to do a pull-over, you need to lie with your back on a bench or the floor. Grab light dumb bells, and move them up above your chest- jsut like you were doing a bench press. Then, bring the weights back behind your head while keeping your arms straight. Raise the barbell back up to the top, and repeat the movement.

In this short article I gave you three back exercises for women. If you do these regularly they will strengthen your back, prevent injuries and back pain. Also, the back muscles are a big muscle group- and if you build a lot of muscle you will lose a lot of weight. Do these back exercises for women every other day, or with 2 days of recovery period in between them.

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      Weight Exercises for Women

      Which Weight Exercises for Women are Good For You?

      Weight exercises for women have many benefits- we’ll describe them in this short article. But what are the dangers of weight exercises? And which easy weight exercises for women can you do long-term? We’ll cover all of this in this short article. After reading it, you will be able to determine if you want to include weight exercises for women in your exercises for women routine.

      Benefits for Weight Exercises for Women

      You can get a lot from weight exercises for women- physically and mentally. First of all, you will build muscle. Muscle tissue burns calories, even if you are not working out. So this is a great way to raise your resting metabolic rate.

      Particularly for women over 40 bone density become a problem- the risk for osteoporosis increases. Regular weight exercises will reduce this risk by increasing bone density.

      Many women want to be slim, slender and toned. Weight exercises for women can help you with that- by replacing fat with muscle you’ll get a leaner, more attractive body. Also, building muscle will help your posture. You’ll automatically stand more upright because you have more muscles to support you. You will appear as more confident too- what further underlines your attractiveness.

      Being physically strong can lead to a more assertive stance- being in touch with your body is always a good way to be more grounded.

      Dangers of Weight Exercises for Women

      Most women fear they would get bulky when doing weight exercises for women. That’s not true. You will not become a female body builder just by doing weight exercises. You’ll need to train extremely hard and change your nutrition totally to get even close- not to mention the role genetics play in that.

      Women usually lack the hormone strength to bulk up and unless you train excessively and boost your male (!) hormones you will not become bulky. So this is not an issue.

      You need to be very careful not to overtrain though. Since you build muscles slower than men do, you need to increase your weight slower. Better err on the safe side in this- take your time, your muscles and the connecting tissue will thank you for that.

      Include enough resting days- on the resting days you might do other kind of exercise, for example cardio or flexibility exercises. After a thorough workout you’ll need at least 2, if not 3 resting days.

      Also, make sure you do the weight exercises for women carefully. It is best if you have a friend (or even a trainer) looking over you the first couple of time you do it until you’ve internalized the movements. A mirror in the room you are exercising is helpful too so you can watch yourself.

      Which Weight Exercises for Women Should You Do Long-Term?

      Generally, weight training is a continuous effort. It doesn’t make sense to start and to stop every now and then. Get started with a schedule you can do and maintain for years- for example twice a week for 45 minutes regularly. This will already give you results.

      The following weight exercises for women targeting specific body parts are great for weight training and you will build muscle fast when targeting them:

      • Leg Weight Exercises for Women
      • Back Weight Exercises for Women
      • Arm Weight Exercises for Women

      We’ll cover these on this website.

      In this short article I gave you the main reasons to do weight exercises for women. Also, we’ve talked about dangers in doing weight exercises for women so you can decide if you want to include some weight exercises for women in your exercises for women routine.

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      Stomach Exercises for Women

      3 Stomach Exercises for Women- Targeting 3 Different Stomach Muscle Groups

      Many women over 40 ask me for stomach exercises for women. After all, who doesn’t want to have a flat stomach? For most of my readers the years after 40 became a struggle against fat on the stomach area. In this short article I’ll cover what stomach exercises for women will do for you, what they can’t do and I’ll give you the 3 most basic and most efficient stomach exercises for women- each targeting a different stomach muscle group. This article is part of my Exercises for Women series.

      Stomach Exercises for Women- What They Won’t do For You

      Quite a few believe: If I work out a part of my body (like the stomach area), then I will lose fat on that area. This is unfortunately untrue. You can’t “spot-reduce” fat- it is genetically determined where you gain and where you lose fat first.

      But: You can get an overall lean and toned body. So this is the way to go: Pay attention to your diet, exercise regularly and you’ll lose weight.

      Benefits of Stomach Exercises for Women

      Nevertheless, stomach exercises for women help in many ways. First of all, the stomach area is only held in by muscles, there are no supporting bone structures. By building stomach muscles you get a leaner figure because your body is better able to hold the inner organs. Second, it will improve your posture- midsection strength is very important for an upright, confident and attractive posture.

      Third, if you are really, really lean you will see the stomach muscles under the skin. But once again, you have to be very lean for this (what means, you probably have to lose quite a bit of weight to get there).

      3 Fundamental Stomach Exercises for Women

      There are 3 different muscle groups (or parts) you want to target: The upper abdominal muscle, the lower abdominal muscle and the obliques. I recommend training the upper abdominal muscle last.

      Training the Lower Abdominal Muscle

      The easiest way to do this is by the “Reverse Crunch”: Lie flat on on your back with extended legs. Hands can be placed next to you or behind your head. Bend your knees slightly and lift your legs up from the ground until you get a 90 degree angle between your legs and your upper body. Make sure your lower back stays on the ground and that lifting the legs is done by contracting the stomach (abdominal) muscles.

      Lower your legs slowly to the ground.

      Repeat at least 15 times, have a break for a minute and repeat again.

      Training the Obliques

      To train the obliques nothing beats the “Oblique Crunch”: Lie on your back with knees bent in a 90 degree angle. Have the left foot resting on the floor. With your right knee bent put your right foot across your left knee.

      Place your left hand on the side of your head. Now comes the twist: Bring your left shoulder towards your right knee, preferable your left elbow touches your right knee.

      Repeat at least 15 times, have a break for a minute and repeat again.

      Training the Upper Abdominal Muscle

      You can train the upper abdominal muscle by doing what is called the “Basic Crunch”: Lie on your back with your hands crossed across your chest or placed on the side of the head. Bend your knees in a 90 degree angle. All through this exercise your feet need to be resting on the floor.

      While keeping your feet on the floor (use weights if necessary) lift your shoulder and head from the ground towards your knees. Use only your stomach muscles to lift your upper body. After you got your upper body in an upright position lower your shoulders and upper body slowly towards the floor.

      Repeat at least 15 times, have a break for a minute and repeat again.

      In this short article I gave you the most fundamental 3 stomach exercises for women. Do them every other day regularly- you can do this at home, there is no equipment needed.

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      Toning Exercises for Women

      Toning Exercises for Women- Do They Exist and What are They?

      Many women over 40 ask me for toning exercises for women- after all, they do not want to get bulky, they want to get slim, slender and have a toned body. So let’s talk about what toning is, how it works and what some typical toning exercises for women are so you can decide if you want to include some in your exercises for women routine.

      Toning Exercises for Women- What is Toning

      First of all there is the term “toning”.

      When women talk about “toning” they usually mean reducing fat and building enough muscle that it shows under the skin- without getting bulky. So there are two elements to the equation: losing weight and building muscle.

      Toning Exercises for Women- How does Toning Work?

      Let’s cover the idea of “spot toning” first. It means that if you are not really happy with an area of your body you can tone this area specifically. This is true and not true. We’ve seen that toning is both losing weight by reducing body fat. And it includes building muscle.

      Unfortunately it is not possible to reduce body fat on a particular body area. Where you gain weight (store fat) and lose weight is genetically determined. In women over 4o often the belly area becomes the main storage area for body fat- and the belly fat is often the fat that goes last. So, hang in there.

      Of course what you can- and should- do is to build muscle in the area you’d like to tone. And the nice side-effect of building muscle is that you the additional muscle tissue will burn fat 24/7.

      So you will have to lose weight, and build muscle at the same time.

      What are Toning Exercises for Women?

      You can do exercises specifically targeting particular body areas. These are in particular:

      • Outer Thigh Toning Exercises for Women
      • Inner Thigh Toning Exercises for Women
      • Ab Toning Exercises for Women
      • Hamstrings and Butt Toning Exercises for Women
      • Arm Toning Exercises for Women
      • Upper Body Toning Exercises for Women

      In addition you should do exercises targeting the bigger muscle areas. Yoga and Pilates are great for that, Yoga will provide you with quite a bit of stretching too. Many women over 40 find that Yoga exercises help them relief stress and find more relaxation in their busy lives too.

      Some Final Thoughts on Toning Exercises for Women

      As we’ve seen toning involves weight loss so your muscles can actually be seen under your skin. If you have flabby skin you might want to get firmer skin too. Regular massages help for that, as well as cold and hot showers. Once again, losing weight is essential to get a toned body. You can build as much muscle as you like, if they are covered under a layer of fat they can’t be seen.

      Be sure to start a sensible weight loss program that includes enough protein to help you build muscle but does not overload your body with calories so you are able to lose weight while building muscle at the same time.

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