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Marketing Lies And Healthy Food

Natural, healthy weight loss- isn’t that important for any weight loss program? It surely is- and could it be that clever marketers are taking advantage of your preferences for healthy weight loss to sell you food that’s not as healthy as advertised?

You bet
they try their best to get your money. When browsing the grocery store aisles, you’ll find a lot of  “healthy” labeled food looking as if it would be perfect for healthy weight loss. But when you investigate closer things are not as healthy as advertised.

It starts with ingredients. “Made of natural X”, “Contains natural Y”, “Made from natural Z”, these statements are all over the place. But, just because an initial ingredient has been natural, it does not mean that the result of all the processing is natural. Take “high fructose corn syrup”. Corn is natural, but the syrup has gone through a chemical process and will definitely not helping you to lose weight permanently.

And, just because a product contains something “natural”, it does not mean that other ingredients are healthy. You get a lot of yogurt containing natural fruits. But the added sugar doesn’t make the yogurt a healthy food.

A lot of products advertised as “whole grain” contain not-so-healthy additional ingredients. Oils for example, or sugars. So, just because the fiber content is high, it doesn’t necessarily mean the product is good for you, should be part of healthy weight loss and contributes to lose weight permanently.

“Fat free” sounds very good, doesn’t it? But make sure to check the label thoroughly: Fat increases the taste, and fat-reduced products often have to make up for the reduction in taste by other means. The usual consequence is: Adding other stuff that’s not helpful for healthy weight loss. Yogurt is once again a good example: They cut down on the fat and add tons of sugar.

Don’t be fooled- read the labels thoroughly if you want to lose weight permanently.

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3 Steps When Reading A Food Label

If you want to lose weight permanently: You still have to buy food. And it should contribute to healthy weight loss, even if it is packaged and processed. Processed foods must have a food label and it’s a good idea to have a look at the label if you want to lose weight permanently.

Food labels can be confusing. Some people claim food labels are actually designed to be confusing, so shoppers do not really understand what they are going to buy and put into their bodies. Especially the serving sizes can be very confusing- expect a rambling post on that in a couple of days. I won’t say that food labels are specifically designed to be confusing, but for the (hopefully few) cases you’re buying processed food- wouldn’t it be good to have a simple, fast formula to evaluate if a food is good for you?

So here’s step 1: Serving size and calories.
Be honest: Will you really eat only one serving? If not, the calorie intake multiplies. Let’s say, you probably eat 2-3 serving sizes- that’s not uncommon. Then you’ll get double or triple of the calories stated on the label. Rule of thumb: If you want to lose weight permanently, a meal should have less than 400 calories, and a snack less than 200.

Step 2: Does the product contain 3-5 or more grams of fiber?
Fiber helps you to feel full faster, making it easier to lose weight permanently. There is soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber acts like a sponge and helps lowering cholesterol. You can think of insoluble fiber as a broom, cleaning out your body.

Step 3: Unhealthy fats- saturated fats and trans fats.
The product should be low in both- less than 5% of daily value. Trans fats are listed ass “partially hydrogenated oil”. Doesn’t this description sound really yummie? This stuff is especially bad for you, and when you compare processed foods, you’ll find a lot of products containing it. Saturated fats and trans fats are a major enemy if you want to lose weight permanently.

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How Fresh Is What You’re Eating?

Salads, fruits and vegetables should be a huge part of our diets. They are a major component to lose weight in a healthy, natural way. Not only are they rich in fiber so you will feel fuller earlier, making it easier to lose weight permanently. They can supply many valuable nutrients too, leading to healthy weight loss. But – did you ever think about how the nutritional value of plants changes after they have been harvested?

Basically, you are eating dying plants… I know, it’s not a pleasant image, but that’s what it is. And if you are interested in healthy weight loss, this is an important fact to remember. The longer the plants are dying, the less valuable they become. Immediately after harvesting the healthy, nutritional value starts to decline and the longer it takes until you get to eat your food, the less valuable it is.

Much of what you can buy in a grocery store is already dying for several days. It still looks good, but that’s because the plants have been bred to endure transport without being visually affected.

Of course, nowadays nearly nobody has home-grown food – what is the freshest you can get. Takes 2 minutes from the backyard into your kitchen. Unfortunately since the 60s home growing has become increasingly unpopular.

The second best choice is usually a local farmer’s market. Especially if you buy locally harvested food.

On the third position there is organic food – bought in a store with huge turnover in organics. You don’t want to buy stuff that after several days in transport has been sitting on the shelves for several more days.

So- get your stuff fresh and prepare it fresh. Otherwise, all you get is fiber. That’s still valuable and helpful to to lose weight permanently, but for natural weight loss you need to look out for high quality foods.

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7 Questions For Healthy Weight Loss When Eating Out

Home cooked food has its advantages… But – don’t you enjoy eating with friends in a nice restaurant? And, of course, you’d like to eat a normal portion…

What raises the question: How can you do that using healthy weight loss principles and lose weight permanently?

There are 7 questions you can ask yourself to lower your calorie intake while eating out:

  1. Are fries or chips on the side? These are just empty calories, without much nutritional value and generally better be avoided for healthy weight loss. Better opt for a salad, or steamed vegetables.
  2. Is mayo on it? Not only mayo is heavy on the calories, it contains usually lots of chemicals too. Better go for mustard or skip it completely.
  3. What are the dressing options for your salad? If you can have a yogurt dressing, try it… It has fewer calories compared to oil based dressing. And don’t have it poured over your salad. Have it on the side and use it as a dip. If you want to lose weight permanently, a key idea is to eat less high calorie foods.
  4. Can you have a soup before you eat the main dish? This will help you fill full earlier. Choose a low calorie, broth-based soup.
  5. Is bread part of the meal? If yes, choose no cheese-encrusted loafs… And, by all means, stay away from oil soaked garlic bread. Even if your close friends are OK with garlic breath.
  6. Is there protein in your salad? Protein will help you fill full longer, so you won’t need to snack. If there is cheese on your salad, skip it. Better have chicken, turkey or shrimp.
  7. Can you replace the sweet desert with fruit? Most deserts are high on calories. A fruit platter will give you your sweets, and lots of minerals and vitamins too automatically leading to healthy weight loss.

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Why Is A Turkey Not A Turkey?

“A turkey is a turkey”. That’s as true as “an egg is an egg”. Or “food is food”.

As you know, there is healthy food and unhealthy food. And if you’re truly interested in healthy weight loss to lose weight permanently, isn’t it a good idea to watch out for healthy food?

Turkeys come in different kinds (just like eggs). You know you’ve got the worst category if the label doesn’t say anything specific. After all, if it would be quality meat, it would be advertised as such…

Next up in the quality score is the “free range” turkey. What actually doesn’t mean much. All it says is, that the turkey has had a chance to get outside. It doesn’t mean that he has ever seen the sky or walked around. In fact, most “modern” turkey breeds turn so heavy, they can hardly walk around at all (not to mention producing young turkeys, so they come from artificial insemination).

Then we have the “organic” turkey. That means, the turkey is fed only organic food and hasn’t been treated with antibiotics or growth hormones (the latter are illegal anyway). “Not being treated with antibiotics” is a good sign. Because it forces the turkey farmers to provide high quality environments- otherwise the birds would get sick and the whole population could not go to the market. So, since the environment is healthy, you have a much better chance to get high quality meat.

And then there is “heritage”. These are often “organic” too. “Heritage” means, “no modern breed”. So here we have the original turkey, more or less as Mother Nature has invented it. Personally, that’s my choice to lose weight permanently in a healthy way.

By the way: next time you are buying eggs watch out for “organic” and “free range”. Same logic applies here too.

Of course, as so often with high quality food: It’s more expensive. And let me ask you a question: How much is your health worth to you?

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The Really Dangerous Fat Is Hidden In You

“If things look bad and you look closer, sometimes you find out things are even worse”.

Nearly all of my “Lose Weight Permanently” clients dislike their belly fat. The main reason is: It doesn’t really look good. Or more precisely: Belly fat makes people unattractive. For many, the stomach and the jiggly fat around it is their least favourite body part.

And there are health issues as well. Visible body fat is a sign of being overweight, or even obese, a sign of increased risk for many diseases. But the real risk lingers deeper…

The fat you can see is called the subcutaneous fat. It’s basically the fat under your skin, the fat on your belly. And there is the visceral fat. That’s the fat in your belly, providing a cushion for the inner organs. Too much of that is really dangerous.

It can increase your risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. So, although it cannot be seen, too much of it is a hidden danger to you health.

Spanish researchers published a study in the journal “Diabetes Care” and compared three diets: one high in saturated fat, another high in carbs, and a third rich in what is called “monounsaturated fats”. These fats are in olive oil, avocados, nuts and seeds or in dark chocolate. Only the diet high in “monounsaturated fats” helped to lower the level of fat in the body.

That’s another finding supporting the need for healthy nutrition. If you really want to lose weight permanently, you need to eat healthy. Just remember these sources of “monounsaturated fats”:

  • olive oil (73 per cent)
  • rapeseed oil (60 per cent)
  • hazelnuts (50 per cent)
  • almonds (35 per cent)
  • Brazil nuts (26 per cent)
  • cashews (28 per cent)
  • avocado (12 per cent)
  • sesame seeds (20 per cent)
  • pumpkin seeds (16 per cent

Hormone changes over 40 make it harder and harder for a woman over 40 to lose ugly and dangerous belly fat. If you are a woman over 40, you’ve probably already tried several diets and you’ve unsuccessfully attempted to lose your belly fat for some years. You might consider a customized program specifically designed for you to lose your belly fat permanently.

Lose Your Belly Fat for Women over 40

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And The Secret To Eat Healthy Foods Is…

… Having them available when you are hungry. Duh! I know, this sounds like rocket science 😉 But honestly, I’ve met way too many people who have nothing healthy in their fridge. Are you one of them? If so, do you think you can lose weight that way- lose weight permanently?

Make a list of foods you enjoy that are healthy, eat freely from this list of foods that help you toward your goal of permanent weight loss. For example, maybe you enjoy nibbling on carrot sticks, celery sticks with just a little bit of peanut butter, fresh apple slices, or a bowl of fresh mixed fruit.

Whatever healthy foods you enjoy eating, make sure you have them in the house. This will help keep you focused when you are hungry and help you to remember to make the right food choices. If you don’t have the proper foods in your house, you could end up making a wrong, spur of the moment decision.

Also, it is not a good idea to go shopping when you are hungry. This can lead to impulse shopping and have you coming home with all the wrong food choices. Instead, try going shopping after you have already eaten.

Make a list ahead of time and make it a point to not buy anything that is not on your list. This will help  keeping your cupboards stocked with foods that will help you in your permanent weight loss goal.

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Snacking Health

Many people get too many calories by snacking in between meals. Once you discover your favorite snack time, be sure to have plenty of healthy options available. Keep a lot of fruits and vegetables in your kitchen.

Such fruits and vegetables as, apples, bananas, pears, oranges and even cherry tomatoes don’t need to be refrigerated. Keep your fruits and vegetables in plain view on your counter top, this way when snack time comes around it will be easy to grab a piece of fruit or a cherry tomato.

Fruits and vegetables have many health benefits. They are low in calories and they are high in vitamins, minerals and fiber. This will be a great start to your permanent weight loss!

Try having a bowl of trail mix pre-made containing a little dried fruit and nuts, for when you have a sweet tooth. This is a healthy alternative that will definitely feel like you are not denying yourself. Nuts contain protein, which helps keep you feel full longer. This is a snack which is higher in calories, so be careful not to eat too many.

When you’re craving something cold, freeze some 100% natural fruit juice in an ice cube tray, stick a toothpick in each cube. This will make for a great frozen pop!

As you can see, there are many healthy alternatives which will take care of your cravings. Just use common sense and make the smart choices. Remember, it doesn’t have to hurt to lose weight permanently, but you do have to commit yourself to it.

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Fiber – The Overlooked Part Of A Healthy Meal

Fiber is an important part of any permanent weight loss program. Many people think fiber and they think bread and feel they have to avoid it at all costs. Bread is not necessarily the enemy, however.

While some bread is better than others what is important is the amount of fiber in your diet and there are many other places to find it than bread. Some of the best ways to get the appropriate amount of fiber in your diet is to have a serving of fresh berries for one of your meals, or as a snack during the day. Oatmeal is a fantastic start up for your morning and has plenty of fiber to get you set up on the right foot each morning.

Find out here how your diet goals are adding up and if you have things you could do to improve your success at permanent weight loss. The lack of fiber in the average diet is the reason millions of people suffer from constipation and buy so many laxatives. Instead of keeping the laxative industry healthy, it is time to learn how to keep yourself healthy.

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