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How to Lose Weight – Motivation, The Commonly Overlooked Secret to Lose Weight Permanently and Successfully

When you think about how to lose weight do you usually think about exercise and eating right? That’s what we tend to think of when we think about how to lose weight- and these are all actions, things we do.

Actions and what to do are important. You will only see progress on the scale and in the mirror if you do the right things. But- you’ll not only have to do the right things once, you’ll have to do them until you’ve reached your weight loss goal. And, if you want to keep the weight off permanently, you’ll have to do the right things permanently.

That’s the point where weight loss efforts tend to fail. Many women over 40 put a lot of time and energy in doing the right things, make sacrifices- but can’t keep that up long enough, and certainly not permanently.

Did you ever start a weight loss program, but couldn’t follow through with it? Have you been unable to reach your weight loss goals? It’s commonly called “falling off the wagon” and is very frustrating- often women over 40 stop their weight loss program at this point and look for another program, thinking another program would be easier and answer their question “how to lose weight?”.

With the next program the circle repeats: Not being able to follow through, becoming frustrated and stopping the program. It all leads to “yo-yo dieting”.

There is an extremely important component in knowing how to lose weight, and that’s your motivation. Your motivation is what makes you do the right things, and if you want to do the right things long-term, you need to keep up your motivation long-term.

Traditional weight loss programs take your motivation for granted. Judging from what I hear from my subscribers, all women over 40, this is obviously not working- motivation needs to be renewed and refreshed all the time.

That’s why every session of my “Lose Weight Permanently” program starts with a look at your personal motivation.

If you want to keep your weight loss going, I encourage you to find every morning your personal 10 reasons newly why you want to lose weight- and keep them on top of your mind all through the day. It will help you in challenging situations and it will help you to do the right things- exercising and eating right, thus answering the question “how to lose weight?”

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Is Your Permanent Weight Loss An Achievable Outcome?

Do you have the goal to lose weight permanently? Or do you think it would be helpful to have such a goal? Whatever the case might be, I’d like to challenge you: Goals are useless.

Yes, you’ve read it right. Or, to put it differently: A goal is useless unless it is stated as an Achievable Outcome. I’ll tell you more about Achievable Outcomes  in a second- what I’d like you to do as you read along, is to challenge your weight loss goals to hold to the standard of achievable outcomes. You will immediately understand: An Achievable Outcome is very powerful and can help you reach your permanent weight loss goals.

An Achievable Outcome has 7 factors:

1) What do you want specifically?
I bet you already know that you should state your goal in positive terms. If your goal is stated in negative terms (“not weighing 172 lbs”), ask yourself “What would I like to have instead?” So “not weighing 172 lbs” might be transformed into “I weigh 140 lbs”.
In addition, don’t use comparisons. ” My weight is less than 172 lbs” does not say anything about your goal. “I weigh 140 lbs” does.

2) Can you make your goal sensory-rich?
You know, we have 5 senses. Our brains are trained to process sensory input; they perform most effectively if they work with input stated as sensory input. These are things we can see, hear, feel, smell and taste.
Your goal needs to be stated in terms of things you can see, hear, feel, smell and taste.
You need to see yourself stepping on that scale and the number it gives you. You need to hear in your mind your friends praising you for achieving your goal. You need to feel your body in that swim suit or elegant clothing. If you can add a compelling smell to the picture, all the better: good smells are usually emotionally very motivating.

3) How do you know you are going into the right direction?
This is closely related to “Make it sensory rich”: You need specific, concrete, tangible criteria to know, if you are on the right track. These criteria need to be stated in terms of sensory input – what you see, hear, feel, smell, taste when you are on the right track. In addition, it shows you how far you came- what will increase your motivation.
So, you might see yourself stepping on the scale and it shows you that you’ve lost 10 lbs of excess weight – as the first step to lose 40 lbs. Or it might be that you are able to walk   2 miles comfortably as your fist milestone to physical fitness.

4) What will your permanent weight loss allow you to do, what results will it bring into your life?
Answering this question will give you some insight into your motivation. If your motivation is weak, you won’t get sustainable, permanent results. So, sit down and create a list answering the question above. Hint: Usually the really interesting motivational items come after the first 20 or so answers. The first approximately 20 answers are what your conscious mind is creating. After that, your unconscious starts speaking- and it is much more powerful.

5) Can you initiate and maintain your weight loss program yourself?
If you want to be successful, you need to be the one who is in charge. Friends and family members are helpful, but you need to be the driver behind the steering wheel of your change.

6) Do you know what you need to achieve permanent weight loss? Look for the 3 main areas of self-improvement:
First, your knowledge. Do you know enough about healthy nutrition and do you know enough about how to move your body? Second, your inner game: Do you know how to motivate yourself long-term? Do you know how to change your emotional response to damaging foods? Third, how to make things happen in the real world. All the knowledge and all your inner game does not help, if you can’t bring things into action. Do you know how to bridge the gap between knowing something and actually doing it?

7) Answer the magic 4 questions:
a) What will happen if you achieve healthy, permanent weight loss?
b) What won’t happen if you’d achieved healthy, permanent weight loss?
c)  What will happen if you don’t achieve permanent weight loss?
d) What won’t happen if you do not achieve permanent weight loss?
Answering these questions will not only give you additional insight into your motivation. They might show you some barriers to overcome too.

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The 3 Steps To Finish Perfect Visualization Of Permanent Weight Loss

Did you ever finish something only to be told by somebody, that there is still work to do? Sometimes we put in a lot of work, but stop short before the finish line- the line when it comes to getting things to a point, where they really can bear fruit.

You’ve probably heard it a lot: Visualization is an important component to achieve anything in life – including permanent weight loss. I’ll go into the details of visualization in another article; here I’d like to point out the mechanism that will transform your visualization into results.

If you want to lose weight permanently, you need to put things out into the real world. Having images in your head, is just the first step.

So here’s what you do to make your visualizations are really effective:

  1. Visualize yourself achieving your goal. Know your dream weight! Visualize yourself having that dream weight. And then, take that dream weight into the future. See the world changing around you with your new, permanent weight. And: See yourself as an independent observer would see you.
  2. Put you visualization into concrete, specific words. Use the perspective of an independent observer observing you having lost weight permanently: If another person would see you with your new weight, and keeping it off permanently, how would they describe you?
  3. Commit it to paper. Writing things down makes them even more concrete. You might start a “Lose Weight Permanently Diary” what will help you even more with losing weight long-term.

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Do You Know How To Make Wishes Come True?

If it’s Christmas time or not: Having wishes come true is a great thing to have. This applies to your weight loss as well.

Have you ever wished to lose weight permanently- but it did not work out? Let’s talk a little bit about wishes.

Think “Evolution not revolution”. I understand: Revolutionary goals might be more appealing. On the other hand, revolution might trigger counterrevolutionary rebellion. Old habits might form alliances to get you back to where you have been. You might even have some self-doubt.

Often it’s better to have a weight loss goal of 1 to 2 pounds per week, as compared to 30 pounds in half a year. The math is roughly the same, but it is easier to achieve. And if you are going into the wrong direction you know it by the week’s end- instead of putting your weight loss off until it’s nearly too late.

What are your resources? Do you know enough about healthy nutrition for healthy weight loss? Do you have friends supporting you? If you’ve decided to walk for half an hour every day, do you have comfortable shoes? How can you make time for that?

Generally, scan your wishes in the following areas and make sure, you have enough of them: time, knowledge, possessions and people.

What are your barriers? Identify them in a very concrete way so you know how to deal with them. Don’t let yourself be carried away by vague feelings. If, for example, bad weather keeps you from walking, come up with something equivalent to do indoors.

Make wishes in terms of concrete behavior changes. An outside observer should be able to notice them. For example, “I want to plan my exercise” is a nice wish, but does not include a behavior change. “Every Sunday morning I plan my exercise schedule for the next week. And I won’t have breakfast until I’ve finished doing that” is.

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Do You Use Your Mental Mirror For Maximum Success?

Does goal setting help in losing weight? It definitely does.

Some people say goal setting is a science in itself. It is. And even more following through on goals, and being motivated to do so.

One of the keys to successful behavior change is seeing (visualizing) yourself in your changed behavior. You’ve probably heard that before, and you might have tried it. There are two keys to it though:

First, it’s a matter of frequency. Do it once or twice will likely not work. If you really want to be successful in losing weight permanently, practice the same visualization for at least a month.  From my experience working with clients, it helps if you set aside a specific time of the day for that. This could be before lunch to curb the appetite for big portions. Or in the morning, after getting up (highly effective, because you are still in a sort-of dreamy state).
Postponing it into the evening is often not working. People are stressed out, have other things to do, and when it is time to go to bed, they are too tired.

Second, it works best if you see yourself as an independent observer. This means, you are looking at you when you are achieving your goals to lose weight permanently just as another person would look at you. Basically, you see yourself as if you would look into a mirror – a mental mirror. The technique has been found superior in a psychological study (*).

You might play around a little bit with the two perspectives: seeing yourself as an independent observer, and seeing yourself from your own perspective… Probably, the first one will give you better results.

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(*)Thomas Gilovich, Lisa K. Libby, Richard Eibach in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (Vol. 88, No. 1, 2005).

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What Motivates You More? Looking Good Or Being Healthy?

Why do you want to lose weight? Are you really clear on this?

I’ve had clients telling me they want to lose weight because a spouse, parent or boy friend told them they needed to lose weight. This motivation is often not successful in getting you to lose weight permanently. Consistent and permanent weight loss occurs not on its own. You will have to do a lot for it, and the motivation will have to come mostly from within.

You will lose weight because you want it, not because somebody else wants it.

The most frequent response to “Why do you want to lose weight?” has to do with appearance, vanity and the need to look good. Western society puts a lot of value on being thin, and discrimination against overweight people is very frequent- probably more frequent than you are aware of. It’s usually done behind your back.

So, it is important to look good. On the other hand, when you come from this perspective you still base your motivation on other people’s opinion… And your value as a person should not come from others, but from your own assessment.

The second most frequent response to “Why do you want to lose weight?” is good health. Psychology Today once did a survey and found that 41% of survey respondents indicated they would give away 5 years of their life to be thin. So… What do you think about being thin and gaining at least 5 years? Because that’s what you will when you lose weight permanently in a healthy way.

And: Not only you will live longer; when you have lost weight permanently you will have more fun in your life too. That’s the third reason for permanent weight loss. You’ll feel more energetic. You’ll do more challenging things. You quality of life will increase dramatically.

Reason number four I hear most often is: self-esteem. You will have more confidence. Not only in your appearance but in your ability to control your life as well. You are demonstrating to the world around you, and, even more importantly, to yourself that you are able to navigate the ship of your life into the right direction. If you need a starting point for healthy weight loss, get personalized advice here.

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