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Goal Weight For Women

Goal Weight For Women – What Should a Woman After 40 Weigh?

What is the perfect goal weight for women? This is a thought often in the mind of a woman after 40. Upon reaching a certain age, many women find that perimenopause (the period prior to menopause), fluctuating hormones, a sluggish metabolism or malfunctioning thyroid can affect their bodies – resulting in weight gain. Truthfully, whether you are 40 years old, younger or older makes no difference – it is impossible to say that every woman of a certain height or age should weigh exactly so many pounds.

Goal Weight for Women and Factors that Determine Your Ideal Weight

For a woman after 40 it is necessary to take in to account several factors in order to determine how much you should weigh. Height, whether you have a good deal of muscle mass and frame size all make a difference. For example, a woman who is small boned and 5′ 3″ tall would typically weigh a bit less at her ideal weight than a woman with a medium or large frame.

Additionally, it does make a difference whether you have a good amount of muscle in your body. Muscle weighs more than fat, so a woman who is fit and weighs 130 lbs. will look much slimmer than a woman who weighs 130 lbs. but has little lean muscle mass.

Determining a Goal Weight for Women Leads to a Higher Success Rate

For a woman after 40 it is essential to set goals; otherwise, you cannot really calculate how effective your diet and exercise efforts are. A goal weight for women helps you stay motivated, as when you meet that first goal you will be excited about achieving the next one you set. Instead of setting one goal such as you want to lose 30 pounds, set your goals a bit smaller. For example, set your sights on losing 3 lbs. or 5 lbs. within a week to 10 days. This way, when you reach a milestone you will be excited and ready to start on the next challenge.

For a Woman After 40 Interested in the Goal Weight for Women, Good Nutrition and Physical Activity are Key to Success

When you were younger it’s likely that you had very little problem with your weight; if you gained a few pounds, you could easily lose it. Once you reach a certain age, it becomes more difficult. Try as you may, it seems those extra pounds just won’t budge.

The best goal weight for women is one you are comfortable with. While society may make us believe that in order to be sexy and attractive you have to be pretzel-thin, this is not the case. If you have curves, be proud of them! As long as you are fit and trim, feel comfortable in your clothes and like what you see in the mirror you are a success!

Goal Weight for Women- How to Be Fit and Trim

That sounds great, but how can you be fit and trim? Good nutrition is key for any woman after 40. Stick to foods that are low in saturated fats and try to avoid snacking on processed or junk foods. If you have a habit of eating after dinner at night, focus your attention on something else, something more positive. Take a walk! By the time you are finished, thoughts of eating those “bad” foods will have disappeared. Exercise as many days per week as you can, including a bit of cardiovascular activity and strength training.

The goal weight for women is not a magic formula. As a woman after 40, the best thing you can do is to strive for a healthy weight and a fit body. Don’t try to be a size 4 when according to your frame size and height you should be a size 8. Be the best you that you can be through a healthy lifestyle change.


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How to Handle Cravings When You Want To Lose Weight Permanently

Cravings for… Chocolate, cookies, ice cream, candy, brownies, french fries, cheeseburgers, pizza, the list goes on and on. Are you trying to avoid certain foods because you know they are not good for you and will make it impossible to lose weight permanently? Do you eat them nevertheless- at least occasionally?

These foods can really ruin your weight loss program. For example, you’re trying to lose 1 pound per week. As a rule of thumb you should eat 500 calories a day less to lose 1 pound per week. Now imagine, you’re out with friends at their favorite pizza place, and you are having three slices of pizza and a soda. The calories can easily add up to 1000 calories or more… in less than twenty minutes you’ve ruined two days of weight loss!

So let’s look at 5 easy things to do which will help you dealing with cravings:

  1. Create a diversion. Works with toddlers and adults likewise: When you are feeling the craving is building up, distract your mind. Go into another room, and do something non-food related. Cleaning is excellent or organizing paperwork. Just don’t let your mind go idle- and change your physical environment.
  2. Use it to reward yourself. Sometimes, when you are really crave something, there is just no substitute that will do. So, give in, but under a condition: You first get something done that you’ve postponed, and then you get a bit of your favorite food as a reward. You will accomplish more, and give yourself a well-deserved treat too. Just make sure, that you do not go over your daily calorie limit.
  3. Stop dieting. If you are following a very strict plan that limits severely what you are allowed to eat, you will develop cravings. It’s almost guaranteed. A good weight loss program will help you making good food choices, food you actually like to eat instead of forcing you to eat something you do not like. Some programs are very strict and might be too strict for you. A successful weight loss program adjusts to your situation and your personality.
  4. Wait- and it will dissolve. I know, when you are having really strong cravings, then you need the food right now. But- if you can make yourself wait, you have good chances to win the battle. Make a plan and a commitment to yourself: Whenever I am getting cravings I will wait for a specific amount of time before I am giving in. The amount of time should be at least one hour- You will see: quite often after one hour the craving has gone. Important: During your waiting time you need to distract your mind- do something that requires your full concentration.
  5. Handle emotional eating. Often cravings are caused by emotions and eating helps to deal with these. You need to be honest with yourself to find out if this is the case- as a start look for feelings of “being loved”, “being accepted”, “being cared for” etc. You will have to deal with these issues separately; they do not go away by eating. A good weight loss program will help you finding out if you are prone to emotional eating- for example my free, personalized “Lose Weight Permanently” program for women over 40:

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3 Easy Ways To Eat Less

What we do and what we don’t do often depends on the situation we’re in. On a funeral you’ll talk about different subjects and in a different mood as, let’s say on a wedding reception, or when you meet with friends over coffee. If you want to lose weight permanently with healthy weight loss one of the key elements is creating situations and environments where you’ll automatically eat less.

Psychological research has shown some easy ways to reduce food consumption helping you with permanent weight loss. In fact, these ways are often common sense- you might realize how easy the following three suggestions will help you to lose weight permanently.

The first way is to eat seated in company- not standing alone. Patricia Pliner (University of Toronto) found a whopping 30% increase of food intake between lone, standing eaters compared to seated eaters talking in pairs. So: Don’t eat alone; get somebody to eat with you. And sit down.

The second way has to do with smell- as you know the smell of food awakens the appetite. Smell activates different brain regions than taste- a result found by Dana Small (associate professor of psychiatry at Yale). This leads to searching for the food causing the smell. It has probably served our ancestors very well- when they smelled food they were automatically drawn to it. Nowadays, with our abundance of food, this mechanism is an obstacle to lose weight permanently. So: watch out for a “food smell free” environment.

The third one has to do with distractions from your eating environment. When you are eating in front of the TV, you will eat more- because your attention is on the TV and not on your food. This can boost your calorie intake to 70% and more. There are many more distractions- for example driving. The drive through might be convenient, but it does not help you to lose weight permanently.

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Weight Loss Scams Exposed

Many companies are advertising weight loss miracles that will never happen. If you’re like me, you’ve tried several of these products yourself. Some might have helped a bit, but none of them helped me, or you, lose weight permanently.

Recently I came across a list of weight loss scam sites. Let’s see how easily you can tell the difference between a scam site and an honest one:

  • Scam sites use fake comments praising the site, but your comments will not be approved
  • Fake pictures stolen from other weight loss sites
  • Site is copied from another and does offer no or little original content
  • Before and after pictures are created by a photo editing program
  • Free trials, after a month they will hit you with high monthly charges
  • Archive of the site is older than the site itself
  • Questions and comments are taken from other sources, like Yahoo Answers
  • Site uses a personal name (e. g. “sariahsweightloss”) but is not registered to somebody of that name
  • Fake reviews leading to sales pages
  • After signing up to a program, it is hard to cancel
  • Take pictures from one type of diet (e. g. weight loss with tea) to promote different diet (e. g. Acai berries)
  • and so on…

My point: If you want to lose weight permanently, stick with common sense approaches for normal people.

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Plan To Win Or Plan To Lose?

If you want to lose weight permanently, you have to plan to lose!

From my experience with my clients, there are 4 plans to think of:

The first is a weekly meal plan. Do your planning on a fixed day every week, for example every Sunday. Get clear on your calorie intake over the course of the week and arrange your shopping list accordingly. Don’t forget upcoming activities with friends and family, business lunches, dinners out- every occasion you will have contact with food.

Permanent weight loss is only achievable if you get your calorie intake handled what will require some planning. In addition, it allows you to get healthy food on your shopping list contributing to your healthy weight loss.

Then there is a weekly exercise plan. If I do not plan my Yoga classes ahead, I won’t go- because there is always something coming up that is “more important right now”. So: make an exercise plan and stick to it. Research has shown that regular exercise is statistically linked with permanent weight loss.

Along with the weekly plans goes a day-to-day plan for the “micro planning” on eating and exercise. Plan ahead for the next day. What will you eat? When will you eat it? When will you be physically active? Want to know a trick to follow through? Plan on paper and be as specific as possible.

The fourth plan is actually the most important one: plan for your “cheat activities” or “indulgences” or however you might call it on a weekly basis. Give yourself some slack. When you know you’ll have a bowl of ice cream tomorrow, it will be much easier to follow through on your diet today making it easier to lose weight permanently.

All planning activities should not take more than 20 minutes for the weekly plans and 3 minutes for the daily plan. What do you think: Is losing weight permanently worth this small investment of your time?

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Do You Use Your Human Nature To Lose Weight Permanently?

We humans are fascinating creatures, aren’t we? And one of our key differences to animals is: We are able to observe ourselves, an ability usually called “consciousness”.

There is a lot going on lately around the themes of “being conscious” and “being in the moment” and “being present”. I don’t know, if these ideas sound a bit “woo-woo” for you or not- there is always something to learn, so let’s see what our ability to observe ourselves has to do with losing weight permanently.

If a private investigator watched your eating, your physical activity, even your emotions leading to food choices: Would he be able to tell you what your habits are, how you could improve your eating patterns, how to better copy with emotionally challenging situations?

You bet he could. In fact, we are often too immersed in our activities to be able to notice what is really going on with us. However, isn’t it important to notice what you are eating, how you move your body, how you react to your emotions?

So, awareness is a key to lose weight permanently.

Awareness has another huge benefit to it. Let’s say, you feel appetite for ice cream. Being aware of this appetite puts you in the position to be an independent observer of yourself. What in tune allows you to evaluate if you really want and need the ice cream.

It really helps for healthy weight loss to observe yourself from a neutral position of “I am aware I am currently doing/feeling X”.

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Will Oprah’s Weight Loss Work?

Oprah has certainly learned a lot over the years, about herself and about others… And now she describes how she intends to lose weight permanently.

Let’s have a look at that and see if she has chances to succeed and what to learn from that.

First of all, she announces her intention to lose weight permanently openly. That’s a smart move: It puts her in a situation where she has to succeed- otherwise her credibility will suffer. If you really want to lose weight, you need to make that outcome inevitable. And one of the methods to make it inevitable is declaring your intentions. Of course, there will always be someone telling you: “You don’t need it”. Or: “I love you as you are”. That’s all nice and fine, but you need to stick to your personal journey.

Second, Oprah had a break and used it to sleep more and restore her body. Sleeping is one of the underrated elements of successful, healthy weight loss. You have a hard time losing weight when you are stressed out.

Third, she started gradually to work out. Way too many start an exercise program and jump on it with too much intensity, making it unsustainable. It’s much better to start slowly, and while your fitness increases, increase the exercise intensity.

Forth, Oprah targeted her food addiction with commonsense measures: eating less sugar, cutting down the refined carbs and have more fresh whole foods. This is very wise: There is no “super food”, but there is healthy nutrition. And being on a diet does not help either.

Fifth, she is aware of what she is eating and puts her attention on the eating. This is very helpful. Too many are munching away in front of their TVs, or while driving, or doing anything “more important” than nurturing their bodies. It’s actually very strange that a TV show is more important than what you put in our body, isn’t it? Research has shown that being mindful while eating reduces the amount of food intake. So, that’s another clever move.

Sixth, she will put herself first and her work second. After all, permanent weight loss can only be achieved if you value yourself more than your “obligations”. I understand that in the current economical situation people are forced to put a lot of attention on their work, but if you can’t live healthy, you won’t be able to work either.

Generally: Thumbs up for Oprah! She has good chances to lose weight permanently.

If you’d like to lose weight permanently, check this out:

Are you a woman over 40? Do you want to lose weight permanently?
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Move More Or Eat Less to Lose Weight Permanently?

Do you prefer to move more and don’t observe what you are eating? Or would you rather limit your eating in order to not break a sweat?

It depends on your goals…

If you’d like to improve your health and lower your risk getting ill, exercise will help you. If you increase exercise without eating less calories, you’ll increase your fitness- but don’t expect to lose a lot of weight.

In fact, there is a danger in doing that: Many people increase not only their exercise. They increase their calorie intake as well. The typical thinking is “as long as I am burning it off, I can eat as much as I’d like to”. This does not work for permanent weight loss.

The amount of calories burnt during exercise is usually overestimated, and the amount of calories in food is underestimated.

You’d probably do better if you see your exercise as a contribution to a healthy lifestyle, and not so much as a contribution to permanent weight loss.

If you eat less but don’t exercise you will lose weight. But: Part of the weight loss will come from losing muscle mass and not from losing fat. You need an exercise program including all muscle groups of your body. Swimming is good. Or Yoga.  Another disadvantage of “eat less, no exercise” is you are likely to regain whatever you’ve lost because your metabolism slows down. So, “eat less, but no exercise” does not help to lose weight permanently.

To lose weight permanently you need to combine eating less calories and exercising more. This will lead automatically to losing weight and a healthy lifestyle.

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Oprah Failed To Lose Weight Permanently – How Can You Do Better?

Oprah is one of the most successful women of our times. She has handled a lot of problems in her life.

In 1992 she was at 237 lbs. Then she did what all of us are told: Eat less and work out harder. And brought her weight down to 160. This is respectable: She has lost nearly one third of her body weight! And she thought she had lost weight permanently. Now, being in her mid-fifties, things have changed.

She started to have imbalances in her hormonal system- the thyroid made problems. Most of us over 40 can relate to having hormonal changes in our bodies. And the medication for it made her less energetic, sluggish and dull.

Even worse: Since the reason for her weight gain was now “officially documented” by an authority, she didn’t had to blame herself any longer… it’s not the lack of will power, it’s a malfunction of the body. So the responsibility shifted: From her to an unavoidable external instance.

Do you have reasons why you can not lose weight permanently that have nothing to do with you, putting you mentally in the situation of an helpless victim? As long as you feel like a victim, you are powerless… And your weight won’t change that way.

Now back to Oprah. All of this lead her to give up her diet and start eating whatever she wanted. She mentions especially three emotional reasons to overeat (and you might check in with yourself if those sound familiar):

  • eating to comfort
  • eating to soothe
  • eating to ease stress

From my experience, these are very common – and making permanent weight loss very hard. Food should never be eaten for emotional reasons… Emotional eating will only make you fat forever, not allowing you to lose weight permanently.

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Jennifer Aniston, Her Diet And How She Lost Weight Permanently

Jennifer Aniston is now close to 40 years old – an age where most of us are struggling to keep our weight, let alone losing weight permanently. She has a nearly perfect physique: Not too thin, not “enhanced” by surgery and lots of lean muscle.

So let’s look at who she is doing that and what to learn from it…

First of all, she has portion control helping her with her diet. Especially when it comes to high-calorie food. And she loves Mexican food what is often high in fats. The lesson to learn is: You can enjoy food without having to eat lots of it. It’s actually a key element to lose weight permanently: You want to enjoy good food, and sometimes it is high in calories… So the best way to deal with that is a compromise: Enjoy the food but not too much of it.

Second, she gave up the Zone diet. That’s something I see so often: it is impossible to stick with a diet for life. So, to lose weight permanently, get the idea of “dieting” out of your head. It does not work long-time. In Jennifer Aniston’s case, she ate the same salad for 10 years… how boring is that? Better have a healthy mix of foods and change them regularly.

Third, no processed foods. Everybody loves convenience, but the price for the convenience is just too high: Foods are stripped of their nutrients, chemicals are added and you end up with food in your stomach that does not lead to healthy weight loss. By the way: Some people think, the combination of “diet food” and “processed food” would help them to lose weight and buy “diet processed food”… Well, it might help a bit short-term.  But combining two evils (dieting and processed foods) and expecting  long-term permanent weight loss is really silly.

Fourth, she has a great workout routine. A lot of it is based on Yoga, and although mere mortals can’t afford a personal Yoga trainer, there should be classes in your area too. Jennifer Aniston enjoys the spiritual side of yoga too: it allows building connections with ourselves and our bodies we often have never developed.

Fifth, there is a little bit of cardio. 20 minutes a day should be a good start if you don’t have an exercise routine yet.

All of these points will definitely help to lose weight permanently.

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