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How The Slim Duckling Discovered Something Is Wrong

On the lake, there were actually several duck families, what led to a lot of fun: The ducklings were playing hide and seek with each other, the boy ducks had diving competitions while the girl ducks polished their feathers.

One girl duck was a little bit different though: She used to have her own opinion on things. Her name was Sandra.

Sandra was what you might call an “independent thinker”. So, for example, when the humans were feeding the ducklings with leftovers from their burger and fries, all the ducklings would gather very quickly around the humans, making a lot of noise and trying to get the human’s attention to get fed first. Sandra had a delicate stomach, and had gotten very sick in the past after eating fatty and overly salty fries. So she was not very eager to get fed by the humans and had her own meals of herbs and what she could find in the warm water of the lake.

Sandra noticed as well, that all her friends were getting fatter and fatter. Of course, since she had occasionally some human food like bread, she wasn’t really slim too. But it did not matter much to her, all her friends were overweight, so this was normal.

One day, a travelling duck stopped by at her parent’s place. Now, this was a different kind of duck she had ever seen. This duck used to travel a lot and had seen most of the lakes in the area, could tell a lot of stories about her encounters with other ducks and generally knew a lot about life.

One thing was particularly interesting: The travelling duck used her muscles all the time to walk and swim and refused to eat human food. So she was lean, strong and slender.

In the evening, before going to bed, Sandra decided to sit next to the travelling duck and listen to her stories. She actually became a little bit envious, because the travelling duck had such a great energy and looked so fabulous. Sandra noticed too, that the male ducks tried to get the travelling ducks attention, because the travelling duck was so attractive.

And Sandra thought to herself: “What makes her different from me?”. And she came up with several ideas. Obviously, on a surface level, the travelling duck looked great, had a lot of energy and lots of stories to tell. But Sandra looked deeper and asked herself: “How does the travelling duck think differently to achieve all of this?”

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How The Ducks Got Fatter And Fatter

Once upon a time, there was a family of ducks living near a lake. The nature up there is very beautiful: The lake is settled between mountains, and its shores are green and grassy.

The ducks led a happy life. They had enough to eat, diving for food in the shallow waters and having all the herbs and grasses when they came out of the water.

They were very healthy. Not only, the ducks were swimming, diving and walking all day, they had a lot of natural, healthy food. Just the type of food they liked and that was the best for them. They rarely got sick, and looked lean and slim.

The beautiful nature did not escape the attention of some entrepreneurial humans. A railway station was build to carry masses of people from the cities nearby, resorts were built and every weekend the once quiet and silent lake was full of boats.

The tourists liked the ducks, because the ducks were always nice and looked so cute. So they started to feed them with food. Now, this was the kind of food the people originally brought for themselves. Human food. Not duck food.

And the ducks started to eat more and more of this food. Soon their bodies became just like the bodies of the humans feeding them: They got fatter and fatter, their waistlines grew, and they became sluggish and lacked energy. And they became sick much more often. The young ducks developed acne, and were very unhappy about it because they wanted to attract the opposite sex.

In addition, since the humans were feeding the ducks, the ducks stopped swimming, diving, and walking on the shore to find the vitamin-rich herbs and grasses.

So they became bigger and bigger. And since all of them were big, they did not really realize that there was something wrong with them. Being overweight was normal. If everybody is overweight, why bother?

Only rarely, they would see a duck of normal weight, usually a visitor from another area stopping by on a trip. And then they would think: OK, he is coming from somewhere else. So it’s understandable¬† he’s looking differently. And, in addition, he probably has good genes too.

On duck TV, the actors usually looked very slim. Same with the duck-celebrities in duck magazines like “Us Ducks”. And they were thinking: These are professionals, they have to look like that. They are not like we, normal ducks are.

So it was OK for the ducks that the duck celebrities looked slim, slender and energetic, while the normal ducks looked fat, sluggish and overweight when they saw their reflection in the lake’s water.

And everybody was contempt with the situation, until a young duckling was born…
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