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Ab Exercises for Women

Ab Exercises for Women- 3 Easy to do at Home Ab Exercises for Women that do not need any equipment

Many women want to do ab exercises to get a toned belly. But- signing up for a gym, going there and doing the exercises at the gym is too much hassle. So you might want to look for ab exercises for women you can do at home at your own pace and in your comfortable environment. In this short article I’ll list the 3 most efficient ab exercises for women to add to your exercises for women routine.

Ab Exercises for Women: The Reverse Bicycle

Lie on your back and keep your lower back on the floor. Place your hands behind your back – you could place your hands at the side of your head as well. Extend one leg as far as you can and keep the heel off the floor. Now we go into the movement: Contract the knee of the other leg towards your chest and raise the opposite shoulder from the floor and move it towards the knee. Have your elbow touch the knee.

Return the knee, elbow and shoulder to their original position while you perform the crunching movement on the opposite side (moving the knee towards your chest, opposite shoulders up and elbow touching knee).

Aim to do 3 sets with at least 12 repetitions.

Ab Exercises for Women: The Eight

This is fairly easy to do and will get your ab muscles burning in no time. Lie on the back. You can rest the arms at your side, or place your hands behind the head.

Then raise both legs, keeping the legs together, and paint with the tips of your town a lying 8: Raise legs to the upper left as high as you can . Move legs to the center, half of the maximum height you can lift them. Point legs to the lower right, but don’ t rest them on the floor. Raise legs again to the upper right as high as you can. Move legs to the center again. Point toes to the lower left. Raise leg to the upper left as high as you can.

Here again it’s 3 sets consisting at least of 3 repetitions.

Ab Exercises for Women: Banana

Lie flat on your back. Extend your arms over your head, so your head is in between your biceps. Lift your head and legs off the floor- this is a good coordination and balance exercise too. Try to hold for 30 seconds and do at least 3 repetitions.

In this short article I gave you 3 simple, do-at-home ab exercises for women. Do these every other day and you’ll see results soon: Your posture improves, you’ll feel stronger and most importantly: the belly starts to get flat and toned.

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