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Arm Exercises for Women

Arm Exercises for Women: What are Arm Exercises for Women You Can Do at Home? Let’s start with why you might want to do arm exercises for women.

Reasons to Do Arm Exercises for Women

Many women want to get toned arms. If fat sits on your hips, thighs ore belly it can be covered up by clothing. But arms are much more visible and there are times of the year or vacations when you want to be sleeveless. Also, particularly in women over 40, the skin on your upper arms can become a bit loose and you might want to prevent that by having firm upper arms. If you want an overall toned body have these exercises as part of your exercises for women routine.

In addition, physical strength helps you when doing things around the house and for some hobbies like gardening you will welcome the additional strength.

Arm Exercises for Women at Home

For all of these arm exercises you will need weights- dumb bells are sufficient. You do not need a gym with bar bells, machines or anything like that. Most of my readers dislike going to a gym, and all of these exercises can be done at home.

When talking about arm exercises for women we mean exercises targeting the triceps and biceps, not the shoulder or the chest. In this article I give you 2 exercises for the triceps, and 2 exercises for the biceps.

2 Triceps Arm Exercises for Women

Please make sure you do this exercise (called “skull crusher”) correctly. Start with low weights and practice until you have perfected the movement. This exercise alone will bring you a lot of progress in developing the triceps muscles.

Lie on the floor or a bench and take the weights in your hand. Lift them over your head. Move the weights backwards over your head so that your upper arms arms are pointing to the ceiling, the lower arms are parallel to the floor and your palms are facing upward. Keep your upper arms fixed and lift the weight up from your elbow until you have a straight arm and then lower it slowly until your lower arms are parallel to the floor again.

Do 3 sets with 12-15 repetitions.

The second exercise is the bench press. It is often done using a barbell, but your dumb bells will work too (and are more feminine too). You can move with this exercise a relatively heavy weight easily. Once again, make sure you do it correctly, particularly when you are using heavy weights.

Lie on the floor or a bench. Grab the dumb bells and put them over your chest. Lift the weights up slowly until you arms are locked and then lower the dumb bells to your starting position down again.

Do 3 sets with 12-15 repetitions.

2 Biceps Arm Exercises for Women

Bicep Curls

This is the most common routine and can be done easily with dumb bells. After you’ve mastered the technique you will be able to increase the weight easily.

This exercise is done standing, you need to keep your back straight while doing this arm exercise for women. Get a solid stand, feet shoulder width apart. Grab the weights let the arms with the weights in hand hang at your side. Turn the hands so your palms face forward. Now curl the dumb bells up as far as they go while keeping your upper arms pointing down to the floor. Slowly lower the dumb bells back down again.

Do not move your elbows while doing this exercise.

Do 3 sets with 12-15 repetitions.

Alternate Dumb Bell Curl

If you’ve mastered the bicep curl explained above you can move on the the alternate dumb bell curl what is a variation of the bicep curl.
It focuses on lifting one arm at a time so the other arm can rest in between. This lets you handle more weight what will make you stronger in less time.

Take the dumb bells and stand with your back straight. Now curl only one dumb bell up to your shoulder while letting the opposite arm hang down. Slowly lower the dumb bell. While lowering lift the other weight at the same time. Basically, while one lower arm goes down the other goes up and vice versa.

All of these arm exercises for women need to be done with great control (as all weight exercises). Perfect form is more important than heavy weights.

In this short article I gave you 4 of the best, easy to do arm exercises for women. You can do these arm exercises for women at home, all you need is a pair of dumb bells (or even lighter weights if you are just starting out). Do these regularly and see your arms getting toned, ready for the next sleeveless occasion!

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