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Back Exercises for Women

Best Back Exercises for Women- Why You Should do Back Exercises for Women, Which Muscles They Target and The 3 Top Back Exercises For Women

Back Exercises for Women

In this short article I’ll cover the 3 most fundamental back exercises for women. All can be done at home, you’ll need dumb bells for it- some of my readers substitute those with bottles or something equally heavy when traveling. Also, we’ll discuss why you want to do these exercises- and you’ll see it makes sense to include them into your exercises for women routine.

Why It Is a Good Idea to Do Back Exercises for Women

Most women have desk-bound jobs- sitting long hours. Back problems are quite common, and the back can hurt tremendously. Your back is held by the back muscles, so if you train your back muscles you prevent problems from sitting too much.

Quite a few women like to exercise their ab muscles to tone the stomach area and get a flat belly. What they often forget is to balance the muscles built: If you build muscle on the front, you should built muscles on the back too. The same holds true for training the pecs (breast) muscles: You always want to train the opposite body part too.

Even more importantly back exercises for women will help your posture, making you stand more upright and stronger. You’ll appear to be more confident, and more attractive. A slouching posture will make you look like a little, immature girl- stand up tall and people will respect you more.

There are two areas of the back with different muscles to train: The upper back and the lower back.

Lower Back Exercises for Women

The best lower back exercise is the deadlift. You will need dumb bells for that.

Keep your back straight during this back exercise so there is as least pressure on the spine as possible. Put the barbell on the floor and. Stand close to the barbell and bend the knees. Lift the barbell off of the floor, while straightening the knees. Keep your heels on the floor – your knees should be placed directly over your feet. Once again: Always keep your back straight. Repeat the movement for 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

Upper Back Exercises for Women

Rows are a great exercise to do. Stand above the dumb bells, feet shoulder-width apart. Bend forward from the waist until your body is at least at a 45-degree angle to the floor. Grab the weights, and pull them up until they touche your chest. Lower the dumb bells slowly.
Repeat for 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

Pull-overs are a back exercise that will train your triceps as well. If you want to do a pull-over, you need to lie with your back on a bench or the floor. Grab light dumb bells, and move them up above your chest- jsut like you were doing a bench press. Then, bring the weights back behind your head while keeping your arms straight. Raise the barbell back up to the top, and repeat the movement.

In this short article I gave you three back exercises for women. If you do these regularly they will strengthen your back, prevent injuries and back pain. Also, the back muscles are a big muscle group- and if you build a lot of muscle you will lose a lot of weight. Do these back exercises for women every other day, or with 2 days of recovery period in between them.

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