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Exercise Videos for Women

There are quite a few resources for exercise videos for women on the web. The biggest video site today is YouTube and, as to be expected, you’ll find many exercise videos for women there.

Exercise Videos for Women- Why Women Want to Exercise Differently Than Men

The most common reason why women want to do other workouts than men is that the end goal is different. Men usually want to get bigger (and sometimes even bulky), but women want to tone their physique and build muscles which will burn fat all day long (even when not exercising). Exercise videos for women tend to put more emphasis on slimming down than bulking up.

Also, many women do not want to exercise at a gym. So “do at home” exercises are in high demand for them, particularly if no equipment is needed. Exercise videos for men often feature gym-style exercises with machines. Good exercise videos for women tend to feature workout routines that can be done at home and don’t require purchasing equipment.

Excercise Videos for Women

I’ve found a great exercise video for women which I’d like to share on this site. Have a look at it and then read my comments on it below:

These four exercises are great because:

  • They can be done at home
  • No equipment needed
  • They don’t take long to do- you can squeeze them into your busy day

Excercise Videos for Women: Pushups

I need to comment on the pushups though. Make sure your body stays in one line, link a stiff board. This will work your lower back muscles what will prevent back problems. Also, keep your arms close to the side of your body.

Women like to do situps for a flat belly. Just don’t forget that you need to work out the opposite part of the body as well to avoid imbalances. And the opposite part  is your lower back. For that, pushups are great if done correctly.

If pushups are too hard for you, raise your body from the knees on (as opposed from the feet). That way pushups become much easier. Or, if they are too easy for you, raise a leg and keep it as high as possible while doing the pushups. That’s great for toning the lower back and butt.

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