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Toning Exercises for Women

Toning Exercises for Women- Do They Exist and What are They?

Many women over 40 ask me for toning exercises for women- after all, they do not want to get bulky, they want to get slim, slender and have a toned body. So let’s talk about what toning is, how it works and what some typical toning exercises for women are so you can decide if you want to include some in your exercises for women routine.

Toning Exercises for Women- What is Toning

First of all there is the term “toning”.

When women talk about “toning” they usually mean reducing fat and building enough muscle that it shows under the skin- without getting bulky. So there are two elements to the equation: losing weight and building muscle.

Toning Exercises for Women- How does Toning Work?

Let’s cover the idea of “spot toning” first. It means that if you are not really happy with an area of your body you can tone this area specifically. This is true and not true. We’ve seen that toning is both losing weight by reducing body fat. And it includes building muscle.

Unfortunately it is not possible to reduce body fat on a particular body area. Where you gain weight (store fat) and lose weight is genetically determined. In women over 4o often the belly area becomes the main storage area for body fat- and the belly fat is often the fat that goes last. So, hang in there.

Of course what you can- and should- do is to build muscle in the area you’d like to tone. And the nice side-effect of building muscle is that you the additional muscle tissue will burn fat 24/7.

So you will have to lose weight, and build muscle at the same time.

What are Toning Exercises for Women?

You can do exercises specifically targeting particular body areas. These are in particular:

  • Outer Thigh Toning Exercises for Women
  • Inner Thigh Toning Exercises for Women
  • Ab Toning Exercises for Women
  • Hamstrings and Butt Toning Exercises for Women
  • Arm Toning Exercises for Women
  • Upper Body Toning Exercises for Women

In addition you should do exercises targeting the bigger muscle areas. Yoga and Pilates are great for that, Yoga will provide you with quite a bit of stretching too. Many women over 40 find that Yoga exercises help them relief stress and find more relaxation in their busy lives too.

Some Final Thoughts on Toning Exercises for Women

As we’ve seen toning involves weight loss so your muscles can actually be seen under your skin. If you have flabby skin you might want to get firmer skin too. Regular massages help for that, as well as cold and hot showers. Once again, losing weight is essential to get a toned body. You can build as much muscle as you like, if they are covered under a layer of fat they can’t be seen.

Be sure to start a sensible weight loss program that includes enough protein to help you build muscle but does not overload your body with calories so you are able to lose weight while building muscle at the same time.

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