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Angelina Jolie And Her “European Diet”

Angelina Jolie has a “European diet“. I do not know what you think about all this celebrities craziness in glossy magazines. But, when I’ve read “Us weekly”‘s headline “11 weeks after twins. How she got thin fast. No workouts. Her European diet secrets” my interest was wide awake (not that I care much that much about Angelina Jolie, she’s married as you know, but more about the European Diet and her European diet secrets).

Especially, considering me coming from Europe and being a fan of Mediterranean food (why the heck do they call it “Mediterranean diet?” For god’s sake, that’s great food, not a “diet”).

Back to Angelina Jolie. So she had her twins, and somebody estimates according to the article in “Us”, she has lost 50 pounds. That’s not bad in 11 weeks, well, most diet experts would consider that even a dangerous rate of weight loss. I’d say- ballooning up and down is the best way to never lose weight permanently.

The article mentions Angelina Jolie’s “family weakness” about fast food as a reason for her weight gain. I think, many of us can relate to “family weaknesses” of that kind. And it’s obvious that this will not lead to permanent weight loss.

European Diet- And Angelina Jolie

However, lets have a look at what the article says about Angelina Jolie and her “European Diet”. Well, first of all, they moved to Berlin. For everybody who has never been to Berlin: The usual street fast food is a special type of sausage with fries. I can assure you, it’s loaded with calories and obviously not a “European diet” leading to losing weight.

So, the location change might have made things easier (because it automatically breaks bad habits), but it cannot be crucial for success.

And Angelina Jolie and Her Diet- Is it Really a Unique European Diet?

The article mentions some food the Angelina Jolie is getting. It’s really not the low-calories stuff American dieters are eating. But: it’s high quality. Actually, nearly the best quality you can get.

We are talking about croissants from Paris, seafood from Hamburg, milk from Bavaria. (A side note: After croissants have made the several-hour journey from Paris to Berlin, they can’t be crisp any more. Angelina, you still need to acquire a little bit more of those subtle culinary differentiating abilities).

However, it comes down to treat your nutrition as an important part of your life, what includes being willing to pay a certain price for it. What helps many people is the mind-set of “If I am eating higher quality food, I need to eat less of it”.

What is, by the way, very true. Just think about all the vitamins and minerals that are in good, fresh food. Proper nutrition is the key to lose weight permanently.

Angelina Jolie, European Diet and Exercise

What about Angelina’s exercise program? There is none. She’s playing with the kids. And I bet, they keep her busy. So she is integrating the so-called “exercise” into her daily activities – something I recommend highly to lose weight permanently.

The article points out, that the kids’ flare ups are now less frequent after changing to high quality food. So, this might be another incentive to get real food instead of the American mainstream packaged stuff: Your family lives healthier, physically and emotionally, resulting in less stress for you.

So, even celebrities can have healthy ways to lose weight– and I hope it’s permanently. This type of “European Diet” can really help.

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