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Don’t Like Feeling Stuffed Like A Turkey? How To Survive T-Day

T-Day. Some call it Thanksgiving day. Others call it Turkey day. Whatever the case might be: It’s a synonym for food. Large amounts of food. Large amounts of high calorie food.

What raises the question: How can you participate in the festivities, without putting your healthy weight loss at risk? After all, if you want to lose weight permanently in a healthy way, you need to eat fewer calories, not more…

The first thing to remember is: This is just one day. If you are on track with your weight loss program, every once in a while a meal can be bigger. I actually recommend having  such a meal once every week. There are always occasions coming up, when you’ll eat more. And once a week is OK, after all, you like to enjoy life, don’t you?

It’s just like a bank account: You pile up your savings, and if you need to access them occasionally, it won’t hurt much.  If, and that’s a big if, it is really only occasional access.

Basically, you’re making Bodily Investments For Rainy Days.

Now this does not mean to eat until you are at your fullest. Take your time, eat slowly, and you’ll eat automatically less while everybody else on the table is ballooning their figures.

Another trick is to watch what gets on your plate. And here is the good news: turkey meat itself is very lean, especially the breast. The calories are in the stuffing, the mashed potatoes, and the gravy. So: pile up the meat, and have little of the rest.

And if you have a say in the preparation: The traditional method in the oven does has its benefits, especially compared to deep frying. You won’t get that many calories. And, seriously, you reduce the risk of being injured. No joke: The L.A. fire department warns against deep frying turkeys. They’ve probably had enough dealing with the wild fires and don’t need any residential turkey fires 😉


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1 Felicia { 11.24.10 at 6:42 am }

Hello Perry, thank you for your reminder that we can dive into the holidays but to not indulge in the meal just because of the season. Ah..yes, the turkey meat. I wil be sure to indulge in the turkey but sometimes its hard to pass on some of the best tasting stuffing! I am a women over 40 and have managed to keep my weight down by maintaining my exercise program “Body Pump” and eating less, especially at night since I’ve discovered you in August 2009! Happy Thanksgiving!