Women Over 40- How To Lose Weight Using Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

How Can Women Over 40 Lose Weight?

How Can Women Over 40 Lose Weight? A Few Effective Tips to Make it a Reality for You

How can women over 40 lose weight?  While it does take a different approach than that of a woman in her twenties or thirties, it really isn’t that difficult to accomplish.  Weight loss for women over 40 requires a healthier lifestyle overall, which means healthy, nutritious foods, exercise, and plenty of rest.  Stress is a huge factor in gaining weight, so it is important that you take time out for yourself to relax and unwind.

How Can Women Over 40 Lose Weight- Common Problems to Lose Weight

Most women start experiencing perimenopause around this age, which is the time before you reach full menopause.  This means your hormones are all over the map; you may be irritable and moody, and on top of that you start noticing that your clothes are getting tighter!  It’s very frustrating, especially if weight loss used to be something that came easily.

Women over 40 often find that no matter what they try, it seems like they can only budge a pound or two off of their body.  At a time when you are confident in yourself and happy with life, your body starts to take on a life of its own; bulges here, bulges there, bulges everywhere!  How can women over 40 lose weight?  Here are a few tips that you may find helpful:

How Can Women Over 40 Lose Weight- Helpful Tips

  • Don’t depend on low-fat or low-carb diets.  What it all boils down to is that you have to burn 3500 extra calories to lose one pound, or eat 3500 fewer calories.  In essence, this means that if you cut 500 calories per day off of your current diet, you will lose one pound in a week’s time.  For most people, that’s a dismal number.
    The solution?  Cut 500 calories each day AND exercise to burn an additional 500 calories.  This way, you will experience about a 2 to 2 1/2 pound weight loss each week.  That means in one month, you can expect 8 to 10 pounds to disappear from your body!
  • Make smart choices.  We all know that eating a heaping bowl of ice cream every day will put the pounds on fast.  Women after 40 should be careful to make good choices; instead of drinking a soda, go for water or unsweetened green tea, which is full of antioxidants.
    Instead of ice cream, eat low fat yogurt.  Add lots of lean chicken and fish to your diet, and eat less beef and red meat.
  • Speed up a sluggish metabolism.  How can women over 40 lose weight?  A HUGE step you can take is to boost your metabolism which is essential for weight loss.  As you get older, your metabolism becomes sluggish; you don’t burn fat and calories as fast as you once did.
    To speed your metabolism, eat fresh fruits, spicy foods that contain cayenne pepper, drink plenty of water and eat more often.  Smaller meals eaten several times a day helps keep your metabolism running at a more efficient pace.
  • Exercise.  Like it or not, if you want that slim, toned, sexy body you are going to have to exercise.
    It doesn’t have to be anything hard or grueling.  Yoga, pilates and simply walking are three activities you can do that aren’t too rigorous.  Try to get in at least 20 minutes a day of exercise most days of the week.

How Can Women Over 40 Lose Weight- Destress and Relax

An important aspect of a weight loss program for women over 40 is stress management- it’s proven that you’ll have a hard time losing weight if you are under stress. The stress hormone cortisol will give you a hard time to lose weight. So, if you are thinking about “How can women over 40 lose weight”, think about reducing stress and relaxing activities as well. One of the best ways to relax is getting (and giving) a massage. Team up with a partner (or even significant other) and learn how to massage. It’s bliss.

How Can Women Over 40 Lose Weight- How it Works

While weight loss may seem impossible to you at this point, it definitely isn’t – you just have to take a different approach!  Women after 40 should avoid fad and starvation diets because they just do not work.  What you need is a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable for the long haul!  A healthy, sexy body means a healthier YOU; improved blood pressure and cholesterol, and a healthy heart.  How can women over 40 lose weight?  Just try a few of the tips above for yourself, and experience amazing results!

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