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How to Lose Belly Fat For Women

How to Lose Belly Fat For Women? For a Woman at 40, a Very Common Question

How to lose belly fat for women? Countless women have asked themselves this question; it seems that many a woman at 40 experiences the problem of having too much fat around the middle, which detracts from what would otherwise be a slim, attractive figure. You may have slim hips and thighs, arms that are toned – but when your belly is out of proportion, you somehow look a bit off balance. You can have a flat, trim belly again – but you have to know the secrets.

How to lose belly fat for women – why does a woman at 40 have problems with those excess pounds around the middle?

As you enter your 40s and approach menopause, many changes take place in your body. A big belly may be hereditary – but it may also be due to stress, lifestyle changes, fluctuations in hormones and a sluggish metabolism. How can you deal with it, when so many things are hitting you at once? When you learn how effective the right approach is, you won’t find it nearly so hard to get rid of that “spare tire” around your middle.

The fact is, your hormones are all over the map, your metabolism has slowed and you are going to have to make some changes – but you can certainly banish that belly forever!

How to lose belly fat for women – why foods make a difference

A woman at 40 should consider eating healthier, nutritious foods. In fact, it is essential if you really want to drop the flab around your stomach area.

Cut out the processed foods and snacks; try to eat healthy meals that are packed with fresh vegetables and lean proteins. A good example would be baked chicken, steamed broccoli and beans such as lima or great northern, which are packed with fiber. Instead of eating cookies, ice cream or chips, grab an apple or banana, or a piece of low-fat cheese. Nuts are a good choice, too, and some varieties (such as almonds) help guard against high cholesterol.

When it comes to how to lose belly fat for women, dairy products containing calcium are amazing fat busters! Calcium rich foods target belly fat, so eat yogurt, cottage cheese, milk and other dairy products – just make sure they are the low fat varieties.

How to lose belly fat for women – are you a woman at 40 who is stressed out?

Stress plays an enormous role when it comes to a big belly. In fact, if you have heard of cortisol, it is a stress hormone that is predominant in women who have reached the age of 40 and beyond. How to reduce stress? First, remove the stress factors from your life if possible. When you cannot do that, practice meditation, deep-breathing and other techniques to reduce stress. Also be sure that you get enough sleep; lack of sleep contributes to stress and a bigger mid-section.

How to lose belly fat for women – the right exercises will do the trick

As a woman at 40, you may have done so many crunches that you have lost count, with little to no result for your efforts. Doing crunches alone will never work; you must incorporate abdominal exercises with cardio to see results. This means fast walking or jogging, aerobics, jumping jacks, anything that will get your heart rate up. Performing exercises (such as squats and lunges) with weights is another great way to rev up your metabolism, which will result in a skinnier waistline.

You do want to do some belly-busting exercises such as crunches, but just be sure to do them in combination with light weight training and cardio.

As a woman at 40, don’t despair! The secrets to “how to lose belly fat for women” have just been revealed.


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