Women Over 40- How To Lose Weight Using Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

How to Lose Weight For Women

How to Lose Weight For Women? A Question Every Woman Over 40 Wants Answers To

How to lose weight for women is a question that has been asked by many a woman over 40 for decades. When you are in your 20s and 30s, shedding those extra pounds seems to require little or no effort at all; however, when you hit 40 and beyond it seems nearly impossible to lose even 5 pounds, let alone 15, 20 or more. Why is this, and what can you do about it? No matter what your age, no woman wants to look chubby or “pleasantly plump”. Here are some tips and suggestions that will help you win the battle of the bulge.

How to lose weight for women? Why age plays a role

A woman over 40 is usually at the age of approaching menopause, or perimenopause. This causes many changes in a woman’s body; a slow metabolism, hormonal havoc, stress and other factors make it harder than ever before to lose those extra pounds that have been sneaking up over the years. Not only that, but you may find that you gain weight in a short time even though you haven’t changed your eating habits.

In order to achieve the slim, healthy body you desire it is necessary to make a few changes in diet and exercise; a healthier lifestyle is what will make the difference.

How to lose weight for women? Eat the right foods

As a woman over 40 it is essential that you eat a healthy diet in order to get rid of that bulge around your middle, heavy thighs or fat that exists anywhere else on the body. While French fries, fast foods and eating “junk” at night may never have affected your weight in the past, you can no longer eat in an unhealthy manner and expect to enjoy a slim, svelte figure.

What kinds of foods should you eat when you’re concerned about how to lose weight for women? Fresh fruits and vegetables, those that are not processed, is the smart choice. Eat healthy fats like olive oil instead of vegetable oil. Choose foods that are high in protein and low in fat such as fish, poultry and lean meats. Avoid fried foods as much as possible, and drink plenty of water, cutting down on soda or other sugar filled drinks. One little trick you may not know that works well for a woman over 40; eating smaller meals and eating more often helps kick your metabolism in to high gear.

How to lose weight for women – reduce stress and increase activity

Stress plays a huge role in weight gain; as a woman over 40, you may be under more stress than you were when you were younger. Practice stress reduction exercises and techniques such as yoga and deep breathing. If you’ve ever heard of the stress hormone cortisol, this is something many women have problems with as they grow older.

Many women today find that they have little time for themselves between family, career, errands and household chores. However, you MUST make time for exercise if you want to shed those extra pounds. You can lose weight by dieting alone, but your progress will be much slower if you do not exercise. Add in 10 minutes here and there throughout the day; you don’t have to exercise vigorously for hours on end to achieve great results!

As a woman over 40, the tips in this article should help immensely in response to your question “How to lose weight for women”. Remember, you cannot just read what you should do – you have to take action! Once you implement changes to your diet and become more active, you will find that you actually enjoy your new lifestyle, and look forward to healthy, delicious meals and exercise. When you can actually feel your body becoming slimmer and healthier, it is a great motivator.


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