Women Over 40- How To Lose Weight Using Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

Lose Belly Fat Over 40

Do you want to lose belly fat over age 40? You’ll often get the advice to do crunches and other exercises targeting the abdominal muscles. It seems to be logical- if you are working out a body part, the fat on this particular body part will get less. Unfortunately our metabolism doesn’t work that way.

Lose Belly Fat Over 40- What Does not Work

There is no spot fat reduction. Where you will gain weight and where you lose it depends on your constitution, it’s in the genes. Over 40 this genetic program is getting stronger and stronger making it harder to lose belly fat over 40. Often I hear people saying things like “I want to lose belly fat” but it is not possible to lose fat on a specific body part. All we can do is to get an overall lean body (what is an ever better result anyway than just lose belly fat).

Lose Belly Fat Over 40- Why Crunches Do Not Help

Crunches are great to strengthen the core muscles around your belly. If you want to shape your figure, exercises like the “reverse bicycle” really help to tone your body. I recommend to do some exercises for the lower back muscles as well, to make the midsection strong. This will improve posture and prevent lower back pain. The latter is very common for people over 40; we sit more as we should (what is another reason why it is hard to lose belly fat over 40).

Crunches are- comparably- a waste of time when it comes to losing weight. The belly muscles are relatively small, so if you spend  15 minutes crunches you burn much less calories as if you’d spend 15 minutes working on your leg muscles. Your leg muscles are much bigger and will burn more calories in the same time. So: Don’t do crunches to lose belly fat over 40, do crunches to strengthen your core. On this site there are couple of articles on exercises for women as well.

Hormone changes over 40 make it harder and harder for a woman over 40 to lose ugly and dangerous belly fat. If you are a woman over 40, you’ve probably already tried several diets and you’ve unsuccessfully attempted to lose your belly fat for some years. You might consider a customized program specifically designed for you to lose your belly fat permanently.

Are you a woman over 40? How would you like to lose your belly fat? I’ve created a unique lose belly fat program specifically for women over 40 who want to lose belly fat permanently. How would you like to get excellent, lasting results- fit into your old clothes again- be attractive while greatly improving your health? This program keeps you motivated.

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By increasing the intake of protein rich foods and reducing the intake of foods rich in carbohydrates, you can easily control fat storage in the belly area.