Women Over 40- How To Lose Weight Using Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

5 Easy Hormone Boosters For Women After 40

After 40, women experience changes in the hormone system– and these often lead to gaining weight. For women after 40 getting the hormones up to speed is particularly important: Without a well-functioning hormone system it becomes almost impossible to lose weight. Let me give you 5 easily applicable ideas to boost your hormone system:

  1. Get some kind of regularity in your life. Your hormones will like it- they need constancy. This applies especially to sleeping patterns and meal times. You are probably very busy, but you should try to avoid a hectic lifestyle.
  2. The best for your female hormones is- to have sex. There’s a feedback loop between what you are doing (or intend to do) and the hormones supporting your actions.
  3. Massage your body. It works great in the morning and stimulates hormone production especially in the skin. Use high quality oils for that, it will help your skin too.
  4. Changes in your body can be a catalyst for changes in your life. It might be the case that up to now you were primarily caring for children and family- it could be a good point in your life to start caring more about you. The same is true for your professional life- career is not everything. Stress will not help you getting a balanced hormone system.
  5. Hormones react great to external stimuli- like sunlight, fresh air or regular exercise. You can combine these three by having a daily walk- that’s a much better way to spend a lunch break compared to sitting at a fast food restaurant.

For a weight loss plan that takes the changes in the hormone system of women after 40 into account and adjusts to your lifestyle have a look here:

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