Women Over 40- How To Lose Weight Using Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

The Balance On Your Energy Accounts Is Making You Fat

Do you know one of these lucky individuals who can eat as much as they want and still stay slim? You might think: “It’s in their genes”. And there is a certain truth to it. But: All body fat is the result of red ink on your energy accounts.

Let’s see it like that: When you eat, the calories in your food go straight into the “debt and liabilities” column of a balance sheet. And when you burn calories, the calories burnt go into a column we might call “income and assets”. As always, you’ll want to keep your debt and liabilities low, and your income and assets high.

Your income and assets (calories burnt) consist to 80% of two income streams. The first income stream is the resting metabolic rate. That’s already 60-65% of all the calories you burn- and as the word “resting” indicates, you do not have to do anything to burn these calories! Good news for coach potatoes, right?

Unfortunately when we are getting older this income stream becomes weaker. To lose weight permanently over 40, you’ll have to eat less to avoid red ink on your balance sheet. For a woman over 40 it’s even worse: The changes in the hormone system contribute to less income. A woman over 40 trying to lose weight permanently often has to make a conscious effort to balance her balance sheet.

The second biggest income stream is energy that radiates into the environment (approximately the heat of 2-3 light bulbs). Especially after eating this income stream goes up- it’s roughly10-15% of the calories you are burning.

Studies have shown: In overweight people this income stream is often weaker- it could be up to 50% less of the rate of a not overweight person, probably for genetic reasons. This makes it harder to lose weight permanently- for permanent weight loss you have to eat less to balance your balance sheet.

Your income is relatively fixed by these two biggest income streams. There is a little bit of variable income- you can increase the calories you burn by exercising more. But, especially men and women over 40 wanting to lose weight permanently often do not have the time to do that.

So, to balance your balance sheet and lose weight permanently you have to look into the “debt and liabilities” column- the calorie intake, what and how much you are eating.

Often, it’s not the physical hunger making it hard to lose weight permanently- it’s the mind:

  • Habits from childhood, like “you have to clean your plate”
  • Eating to balance stress
  • Eating to cover feelings of being alone or bored
  • And many more…

If you think you might benefit from reducing the red ink in your “debt and liabilities” column you’ll need to work on your emotional eating- more on that in future articles.

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