Women Over 40- How To Lose Weight Using Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

How Growing Fat Cells Threaten Weight Loss Over 40

Men and Women over 40 trying to lose weight permanently face the same problem: The fat accumulates much easier after 40 and is harder to lose too.

Fat is a great storage medium for energy- and used to be important for survival. Through human history, we’ve survived many famines and starvation periods because we could rely on our body fat.

Today, the ability of our bodies to store fat easily threatens permanent weight loss. Let’s understand how fat cells work and why it is so hard for men and women over 40 to lose weight permanently.

If your body takes in more energy as you spend existing fat cells fill up. And it does not matter if you are eating fat or starch or sugar: All surplus calories go into fat storage. After the existing fat cells are full, your body grows new fat cells- a process without natural limitations.

Especially if you are stressed, building fat cushions is often comfortable. But the most dangerous thread to lose weight permanently over 40 is: Existing fat cells won’t be destroyed. You can reduce the amount of fat stored in fat cells, but you cannot reduce the number of existing fat cells.

If your fat cells are full, they send a Neuropeptide to your brain called Leptin. As long as the Leptin level in your blood is high, your brain receives the message “no need to eat”. But when your fat cells are empty, the Leptin is missing- and you are getting hungry.

Let’s be honest and face the truth: If you want to lose weight permanently over 40, you’ll have to live with a slight feeling of hunger most of the time. This is an emotional challenge and that’s why I stress so much the psychology behind permanent weight loss- your mind needs ways to cope with that emotional challenge. Every weight loss program must include some psychological advice too or it won’t help you to lose weight permanently.

In addition the distribution of fat changes with age for women. For young women, it’s often on the hips and on the tights. For women after 40, it’s mostly on the belly- and visceral belly fat is linked with many diseases.

Our bodies are governed by powerful regulation mechanisms. Although we do not eat the same amount of calories every day, our bodies keep their weight for a long time. The body compensates periods of low calorie intake with periods of higher calorie intake- leading to another problem to lose weight permanently over 40:

If you are eating too much for a longer period of time, your body adjusts to the new weight and will do it’s best to keep it. You will always feel the need to fill up the existing fat cells. And the longer you are on starvation diets, the stronger the feelings of hunger can become.

It is actually very easy to gain weight. If you eat only 100 calories per day in excess of what your body burns, you’ll gain approximately 9 lbs (4.5 kg) per year. And these 100 calories are very easy to get. A can of Coca-Cola (12 fl oz) contains already 155 calories. A Kit Kat Wafer Bar has 218 and so on…

To get rid of these 9 lbs you would have to eat nothing for approximately 2 weeks. Or jog 51 hours, or walk 126 hours.

If you want to lose weight permanently after 40, be aware of the small meals and snacks. These count too.

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