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Never Feel Full- What You Can Do When You Never Feel Full

Never Feel Full- Question From a Reader: Eating Makes Her More Hungry and She Says: I Never Feel Full

Recently Audrey, a 42 year old woman from Ellenboro, North Carolina, wrote me with the following question:


Thank-you for your program. My age has caught up to me. I am less energetic or motivated to stay thin. It is on my mind but I am lacking self discipline for one of the first times in my life. My main question is this–I NEVER feel full. It seems like eating makes me more hungry–and when I get started then I can’t stop. Sometimes I believe it would be best if I just didn’t start eating then I wouldn’t get as hungry.

Thank-you for sharing your knowledge,


Never Feel Full- My Reply and What Will Help You

Hi Audrey,

It seems that many women after 40 have this same feeling and that they never feel full.  This can obviously cause a weight problem, as when you continue to eat you are putting additional calories and fat into your body.  If you want to lose weight, here are some tips that will help make you feel more satisfied, so that you won’t continue to eat non-stop.

For women who never feel full, there are some foods that are fibrous and give you a satisfied feeling, so that you don’t continue to feel hungry. These foods include beans, vegetables, whole grains, oatmeal and some types of cereal.  The reason these foods help curb your hunger is that they provide volume, but take longer to digest, thus making you feel fuller.

Never Feel Full- Helpful Techniques

To feel full (or at least fuller) there are a couple of helpful techniques:

  • Drink 2 glasses of water before every meal – or-
  • Have low-calorie soup before a meal
  • Get a lot of fiber with the meal (have a salad or low-carb vegetables)
  • Eat very, very slowly. Chew 30 times before swallowing (digestion begins in the mouth, saliva breaks carbohydrates down)
  • Eat while being aware of eating- do not do anything else (like watching TV, working or driving)

Never Feel Full- Is it Necessary to Feel Full to the Max Anyway?

If you never feel full, remember that when you DO feel full, you have probably eaten too much.  People are not supposed to feel absolutely stuffed; women after 40 should feel satisfied, but not so full that you are lethargic or just want to go to sleep.  In order to lose weight, count the calories that comprise your meals and tell yourself that you want to feel satisfied, not stuffed to the gills.

Sometimes people eat simply because they are bored.  They may not be hungry at all, but their lack of something to capture their attention leads them to over eat.  If it seems that you never feel full and you read a book or magazine the entire time you are reading, it is likely because you weren’t paying attention to your food, so in your mind you doesn’t realize how much you have eaten.

Never Feel Full- Night Eating

This is also true with women after 40; at night, when the kids are in bed and you may be watching a movie, you’re compelled to night eating.  You might eat some popcorn, followed by sweets such as a piece of cake or candy bar.  At these times it seems like you never feel full because you aren’t really paying attention to what you are doing.  In order to lose weight, consider healthier snacks if you just have to have one, such as a piece of fruit or sliced veggies like celery, cauliflower or broccoli with a low-fat dip.

It is important that you eat 5-6 times a day. If you don’t you’ll feel very hungry when meal time finally arrives, and you’ll feel compelled to eat much more than you want to. Also, if you eat in company (like family dinner, or at a restaurant with friends) do not let their eating habits have an impact on you- particularly for the food you eat, how fast you eat and the overall amount you eat.

Never Feel Full- Retrain Your Mind

As humans, we are often “trained” to feel full from the time we are small children.  You need to re-train your mind to know that if you never feel full, that’s how it should be!  When you are, it means that you have put more food into your stomach than it is meant to hold, and it is stretched out.  You should feel satisfied, not miserable and sleepy.

For women after 40 who need to lose weight, it is particularly important that you pay attention to your food at meal time, and even think about the food as it goes in to your stomach.  Once you realize how much you have actually eaten, the simple thought of that food in your stomach will often help you feel satisfied and cause the “never feel full” feeling to disappear.

Try this and let me know how it works for you- we are all different.

Regards, Perry

If you had up to now the problem to never feel full let me know how these tips will help you- either at my email address or leave me a comment below.

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1 Smita { 08.19.10 at 11:32 pm }

I have one major problem from last 6 years. I have totally lost my Smelling Sensation . I have facing mental & pressure from more than 7 years. I put my weight and insted of diet & do my excercise regularly for last 1& 1/2 year. But not achive target or results. Please help me regarding above matter.Thanks

2 rose { 10.01.10 at 10:13 pm }

i could not thank you enough, for the help you have given me , thank you so much for your concern. Rose

3 Todd { 09.23.11 at 10:38 pm }

If you never feel full and feel more hungry after eating. Have your dr. give you a A1C test for type2 diabetes. I don’t know what it means to feel full and the more I eat the hungrier I get. This had a lot to do with the fact I am diabetic.