Women Over 40- How To Lose Weight Using Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

Think a Woman Can’t Lose Weight After a Certain Age? Here’s Why

It often seems that a woman can’t lose weight after hitting a certain point in her life.  Once you become 40 to 50 years old, dropping those extra pounds seems impossible – no matter what you try.

For women over 40, weight loss often seems beyond your control; you may feel helpless, and at a loss as to what to do to get rid of what you feel like is unattractive fat and blubber.  Is it possible for you to feel and look slim and attractive again?  Yes it is – but you must know what it takes to achieve your goal.

When we are young, it seems that we can eat like hogs and never gain an ounce; or, if we do, it comes off with hardly an effort.  When a woman can’t lose weight, it is often because she is not doing the right things.

Woman Can’t Lose Weight- The Reasons

Women over 40 may have hormone issues, due to the onset of menopause.  Metabolism becomes sluggish around this time of life as well, which makes weight loss even more difficult.

It seems your fighting an uphill battle, and nothing you do results in one iota of difference.  You may even feel that you make such incredible efforts in your attempt to shed the pounds, but just living with the fat is easier.

If a woman can’t lose weight, it is usually because she isn’t going about it the right way.  Other than a medical reason, women over 40 should be able to get rid of that extra weight if a few simple rules are followed.

Woman Can’t Lose Weight- How to Lose Weight

Weight loss is not impossible for anyone, but you must be motivated and have a determined attitude.  Once you learn how easy it really is, you won’t have problems keeping a slim figure as you grow older; in fact, your overall health will most likely improve and you may even live a longer life.

Maybe you have tried every diet under the sun.  There are plenty of them out there!  The only problem with diets like Slimfast, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig is that you really end up feeling a little deprived – there just isn’t much food in the meals you are required to eat.  This can lead to snacking and consuming those sugary, processed foods that really pack on the pounds.  So, what is the solution?

It isn’t starvation diets (which will backfire on you, guaranteed,) diet pills or any other crazy schemes.  If people learned to eat healthy at an early age, obesity wouldn’t be the huge problem that it is today.  That being said, healthy foods and the right kind of exercise are the secrets!  You don’t have to buy pre-packaged foods, Lean Cuisines or anything of the sort.

Woman Can’t Lose Weight- Lose Weight Permanently

Simply put, a woman can’t lose weight once they hit a certain age because their body just doesn’t burn fat as quickly as it once did.  So, how can you achieve weight loss and then keep those pounds at bay?

Women over 40 need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and whole grain pasta and breads.  Couple that with weight bearing exercise to build a small amount of muscle and a little walking or pilates, and your problems are over!

Your metabolism gets a kick in the butt, and your body begins to eat away at excess fat and calories.  Easy, isn’t it?  Now that you know the secret, put all of those fad diets and popular programs out of your mind.  Besides, those diets are so expensive, you would never be able to afford a new wardrobe for that ultra-svelte body! And put the thinking of “a woman can’t lose weight after a certain age” to rest.

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