Women Over 40- How To Lose Weight Using Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

Permanent Weight Loss Over 40

When we grow older, our bodies change. Hormone levels drop and the metabolism slows down. Often the sleeping patterns change as well, what might lead to a lack of sleep. All of these changes make it harder to lose weight permanently.

Weight loss over 40 is a different story than weight loss at 20. We are not only dealing with weight loss itself. Our bodies tend to store fat better making permanent weight loss harder.

Evolutionary, this makes a lot of sense. Some 1000 years ago people over 40 were already old and probably could not help much in hunting or getting food. So, they had to get by with what others brought home- and be prepared for times, when there was not enough food. “Be prepared” means, storing food as fat for fasting days to come.

Losing weight permanently was not an issue at that time – just the opposite. The more fat an older person stored in his or her body, the higher the likelihood to survive challenging times.

Nowadays food is everywhere easily available all the time, so we do not have these “slimming down” periods any more. Given that a body over 40 is still naturally driven to store fat, we pack on the pounds easily.

So here comes the harsh truth: The only way to stay slim over 40 is to eat fewer calories than you’d like to. Your body wants to store calories, but you shouldn’t let that happen. You need to be on what you might perceive as a chronic calorie deficit, a light constant starvation.

This has a couple of consequences, and I’d like to point out the three most important ones:

  1. You can’t have comfort foods regularly. This means, you need to address your emotional needs differently – food does not work any longer.
  2. Since you are on a constant calorie deficit, you’ll feel differently. For example, you might react more emotionally intense to challenging situations as you would like to. You’ll need to work on that – so losing weight permanently is actually closely related to personal growth.
  3. You need to re-frame the feeling of “I am a little bit hungry” to “I am feeling I am on the right track to being attractive and healthy”.

So, losing weight permanently has a lot to do with emotional balance, dealing with feelings and personal growth. A weight loss system not including these elements will not help you long-term.

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