Women Over 40- How To Lose Weight Using Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

Weight Loss Plans for Women over 40: Are You Having a Difficult Time Being Consistent With Any Weight Plan or Diet?

Weight Loss Plans for Women– Do you know this situation: You- a woman over 40- have started a new weight loss plan and after some days you’re losing traction… You’re getting back into old habits… You’re eating things you shouldn’t eat, you are not exercising as much as you should… And you’ve experienced that with other weight loss plans for women before…

This is fairly common. And usually dieters blame themselves for not being able to follow through. And their “lack of will power”.

Interestingly enough they do not ask: How have weight loss plans for women to be like?Is my weight loss plan supporting me?  Does it include a component to keep me on track in emotionally challenging times?

Weight Loss Plans for Women- Common Shortcomings

Usually weight loss plans for women are about what to eat and how to exercise. This is not sufficient. First of all, chances are you won’t follow through when being on such a plan. Second, it won’t help you to install new habits. Healthy habits will automatically generate a healthy lifestyle.

So, even if you get to your dream weight using such a weight loss plan, you probably will fall back into old habits after getting off the weight loss plan. Then the fat builds up again, and you’re looking for the other weight loss plans for women, and the circle repeats.

Weight Loss Plans for Women- What They Need to Include

Women over 40 face particular challenges when it comes to following through on weight loss plans, so weight loss plans for women have to address that. First of all, due to changes in the hormone system women over 40 gain weight easily. Second, their lifestyles are so diverse that “one size fits all” weight loss plans for women will likely not fit into the lifestyle of a particular woman over 40. This means, she won’t follow through, the weight loss plan is to far away from things she would normally do that she cannot get her to follow the plan consistently. And third, women over 40 tend to have not much time- so weight loss plans for women need to provide some assistance on how to free time necessary to follow the plan, and the plan needs to be very efficient.

Weight Loss Plans for Women- Important Criteria

Generally, if you are looking for a weight loss plan for women over 40, consider these criteria:

  • Does it take the special situation of women over 40 into account?
  • Does it take my specific situation into account? Is it adaptable to my lifestyle?
  • Does it include a component to help me emotionally when being on the program?

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