Women Over 40- How To Lose Weight Using Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

Weight Loss for Women After 40

Weight Loss for Women After 40 is a Unique Problem Requiring a Somewhat Different Approach

Weight loss for women after 40 is an especially challenging problem that requires a different approach.  When you want to lose weight, a woman after 40 must realize that several things may be happening in your body that are preventing you from reaching your goal.  Hormones are likely imbalanced, your metabolism doesn’t work as efficiently as it once did, and your thyroid may be sluggish.  Just when you’re feeling confident in your life and your looks, things seem to unravel and you can’t get rid of those lumps and bulges no matter how hard you try!  All you want is a slim, fit, toned body that is healthy and that you can be proud of.

A Bit Extra Will Help For Weight Loss for Women After 40

When it comes to a healthy, slim body, weight loss for women after 40 requires a bit extra.  Most likely when you were younger it wasn’t too hard to lose 10 or even 15 pounds.  Now, it may seem as though you can cut back on half of what you normally eat and not see any results at all.  For a woman after 40, there are a few things that will help you tremendously in your efforts to lost weight.  Here are a few tips that will help:

Weight Loss for Women After 40- Tips

Remember that it isn’t normal to feel “too full” or “stuffed.”  People tend to eat to the point that they feel uncomfortable, which is not how it should be done.  The right way to eat is to stop when you feel comfortable and satiated, not when you feel like you are about to explode!

Avoid hunger and the need to eat unhealthy snacks by staying satisfied.  How can you do this?  It’s simple, really.  Eat healthy, nutritious meals every two to three hours.  Fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins like chicken and fish, and good fats like you find in olive oil should make up these meals.  For example, have a banana and a tablespoon of peanut butter for one meal, then a piece of baked chicken and some broccoli the next.  You will see that when you eat often and consume less food, you will never feel hungry!

Exercise For Weight Loss for Women After 40

A woman after 40 needs to exercise in order to lose weight quickly and keep it off.  Your goal is to perform activities that help your metabolism work more effectively, so that your body burns fat and calories at a faster pace.  Weight bearing exercise helps build muscle, and muscle burns fat and calories.  Be sure to perform cardiovascular activities as well, such as walking, riding a bike or doing jumping jacks in your living room when the weather isn’t fitting.

Another reason that weight loss for women after 40 is so hard is that this is often the point in your life when you are most stressed.  You may be balancing your work, the kids, your sex life and trying to take care of an elderly parent.  No matter what the circumstances in your life, it is essential that you reduce your stress level so that getting rid of the fat around your middle is easier.  Get enough rest, practice meditation, just do whatever it takes to relax and ease the stress.

There are other reasons a woman after 40 packs on the pounds, but beware that when you put them on, they won’t come off near as easily!  Some women find that the following are reasons why they can’t lose weight:

  • Eat when you are bored
  • Eat when you feel lonely
  • Eat when you are sad
  • Eat because there just isn’t anything else to do!

“Emotional eating” is a real problem for many women.  When you feel inclined to eat and you really aren’t hungry, look for something else to occupy your mind.  Call a friend, go out for a drive, read a book or go outside and work in the flower beds.  Anything at all that you can do will place your focus and attention elsewhere. For help on emotional eating click here.

Weight Loss for Women After 40- It Can Be Done!

Weight loss for women after 40 is not impossible; in fact, it’s fairly easy when you realize that what it is going to take is a gradual new direction toward a healthy lifestyle of eating good foods and staying active.  You can beat those raging hormones, and you can achieve and maintain a sexy, beautiful, and healthy figure you will be proud of for years to come.  When a woman after 40 wants to lose weight, the most important things are a positive mindset and a gradual shifting toward a healthy lifestyle.

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