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Fat 40

Fat 40 – A Dilemma Women Over 40 Can Overcome

Is “fat 40” a thought that often comes to your mind? For many women over 40, it seems that one day you are trim and fit, then overnight you wake up to find you suddenly have fat and flab in places where it wasn’t before. When we take a close look at ourselves in the mirror, sometimes we don’t like what we see; all of a sudden, our reflection seems to be one of our mother, and it’s almost frightening. If you’re suffering from fat 40, you certainly don’t have to live with it!

Fat 40 Can be A Unique Dilemma

Women over 40 have a unique dilemma of sorts, because there are certain factors that often do not affect other people. Thyroid imbalances, stress, crazy hormones due to menopause, a sluggish metabolism – it seems that all of these factors are coming at you at once, and you have no defense. But you do! And no, it’s not what you think. Fad or starvation diets, potentially dangerous diet pills and fasting are not the solution. The good news is that the real solution is much easier than all of the “magic tricks” in the world.

Fat 40 – And How Women over 40 Can Fight the Battle of the Bulge

What is the real secret to permanent weight loss, the secret that lets you win against all of the hormones and other demons that are fighting against you? A healthy lifestyle change. Yo-yo dieting and trying all of those magic diets that will supposedly make you lose weight quickly actually sabotage real success. When you are constantly trying one diet or another, your metabolism can really get out of whack, and then you will find yourself fighting a much tougher battle.

Choose Foods Wisely to Overcome the Fat 40

Healthy foods that are free of saturated fats are the best choices. Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and “good fats” will keep your tastebuds happy and also kick your metabolism back in to high gear. For women over 40, eating healthy instead of trying to starve yourself or eat pre-packaged diet foods will help you get “fat 40” out of your head, and out of your mirror.

Fat 40 – Overcome Belly Fat

Some foods are considered “super foods” and work to eliminate belly fat. Fat free dairy foods packed with calcium are good choices, as calcium has been shown to target belly fat. Berries, nuts like almonds and walnuts, plain oatmeal, salmon, mackerel and other foods packed with omega-3 fatty acids, olive oil – these are healthy choices that help you feel satisfied while helping your body burn fat.

Exercise, and the Role it Plays in Fighting Fat 40

Women over 40 still need to exercise, no matter how busy your schedule. “But I don’t have time!” is a huge excuse, and it is just that – and excuse. You don’t have to exercise for 30 minutes or an hour straight. Pick out 3 10 minute blocks of time each day and you will reap the same benefits. If you wanted to take 10 minutes to soak in a hot bath or give yourself a pedicure, you would find the time, right? Find those 10 minute blocks, and get busy.

Exercise is crucial for speeding up metabolism and burning fat – especially for women over 40. Combine some cardiovascular exercise to get your heart pumping, and strength train with light hand weights. Do a few abdominal crunches and squats during one of those 10 minute sessions. Jog on a treadmill or do jumping jacks for 5 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of lunges or pilate moves for one 10 minute block. You can do this! Not only will your metabolism work more efficiently and burn calories around the clock, your body will be more toned and defined.

Stress Reduction to Deal With the Fat 40

In making “fat 40” a thing of the past, it is also important that you reduce stress and get a sufficient amount of sleep. When you’re stressed out, your body releases cortisol which is a stress hormone. The result is fat right around your middle. Studies have shown that lack of sleep also contributes to weight gain, so get your 8 hours of beauty sleep!

Women over 40 should never give up and feel like you’re doomed to a life of “fat 40.” By making improvements and working toward a permanent lifestyle change, you can be as slim and beautiful as you were at 30, or even 20.


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