Women Over 40- How To Lose Weight Using Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

Food to Eat to Lose Belly Fat

Top Exercise and Food to Eat to Lose Belly Fat in Women at Age 40 – Secrets to Eliminating the Spare Tire Around Your Middle

One topic is of great concern to many: What is the top exercise and food to eat to lose belly fat in women at age 40? When it comes to weight loss, women at age 40 often have an impossible time getting rid of those unwanted pounds. Once you hit 40, it seems that the weight continues to creep on year after year, and it’s much harder to take it off than when you were younger. The reasons for this? A slower metabolism and hormones that are going crazy due to the onset of menopause. Well, enough small talk. You want to know the top exercise and food to eat to lose belly fat in women at age 40, so hopefully you will find the information below useful.

Food to Eat to Lose Belly Fat- Small Changes, Big Results

Don’t let the facts about metabolism and hormones get you down – it IS possible to shed the weight no matter what your age. All you need to do is be smart and make some adjustments to your current lifestyle. The right kind of exercise and a balanced diet will actually make weight loss easy, even for women at age 40! You can regain that sexy, slim figure you once had and feel good about yourself again. Today, age is not as big a factor as it once was, and women are looking half their age well into their sixties and beyond – but you do need to live a healthy life.

Food to Eat to Lose Belly Fat- Tips

Here are a few tips that will help you beat your “battle of the bulge.”

  1. Add fat burning foods to your diet. Almonds, dark chocolate, yogurt and foods containing monounsaturated fats are great for burning belly fat, particularly in women at age 40. Avocados, olive oil, grapefruit and whole grain pastas are also good foods for weight loss.
  2. Walnuts have been shown to lower cortisol levels in your body, which is a stress hormone that causes many women to gain weight around the belly area. Walnuts contain Omega-3 fatty acids which is why they are good for burning abdominal fat.
  3. Yogurt is rich in calcium, which has been found to target belly fat in studies conducted at the University of Tennessee. Of course, you want to stick to low-fat yogurt for the best results!
  4. Add sunflower seeds, olive oil, flaxseed oil or sesame oil to your foods to help banish the fat around your middle. These foods contain MUFA (mono-unsaturated fatty acids) that concentrate on burning fat around the belly area.

Exercise and Food to Eat to Lose Belly Fat

For women at age 40, weight loss around the belly area requires exercise as well as a healthy diet. After all, think of what your belly would look like if you rely on diet alone; the excess skin resulting after weight loss would be unsightly! The right kind of exercise will tighten up the skin and give you those flat abs you really want. Cardio is a must, as doing crunches or sit-ups alone won’t burn the fat in the area.

Cardio exercise consists of any type of activity that gets your heart rate up, such as brisk walking, aerobics, swimming or bike riding. Weight bearing exercise is considered cardio as well. If you do a few minutes of heart-pumping exercise each day and then follow up with crunches and other moves that target the belly area, you will see exceptional results.

For those who were curious as to the top exercise and food to eat to lose belly fat in women at age 40, the tips above will get you started on the right track! Weight loss, even in women after 40, is a goal that is not as difficult to achieve as you may believe; in fact, with the right diet and exercise, you’ll find you love your new body – and how easy it is to maintain it.

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