Women Over 40- How To Lose Weight Using Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

Women over 40: Lose Belly Fat – Frequently Asked Questions

How to lose belly fat - losing belly fat - frequently asked questionsAre you a woman over 40? Many women over 40 want to lose belly fat and have a lot of questions regarding losing belly fat.

In this article I respond to the most frequent questions regarding losing belly fat for women over 40.

Women over 40: Lose Belly Fat- Foods to Avoid

What are foods to avoid?
You need to scale down your fat intake- peculiarly on trans fats and saturated fats. Chocolate, milk, fatty meats and some kinds of oil contain saturated fats. Stay away from them.
In addition to fats, you should avoid empty, simple carbohydrates- sources of those are white flour, white bread, white rice and pasta. Sugar isn’t good for you too. This is true for fruit sugar as well.

Women over 40: Lose Belly Fat- Avoid Cravings

What is the best way to avoid cravings?
Keep your blood sugar level constant as much as possible. Get every 2-3 hours a small meal. Just make sure the calories do not add up and you don’t go over your daily limit. To assist you in feeling full get sufficient fiber. For that, vegetables rich in minerals and vitamins will help you greatly.

Women over 40: Lose Belly Fat- Cardio

To lose belly fat, is cardiovascular exercise helpful?
Cardio helps a good deal- it’s the type of training which will make you burning fat the best while you are training. Make sure you train with varying intensity levels- you need to be completely out of breath, then take 2-3 minutes to catch your breath again, then challenge yourself once again. If you can do this daily, your fitness will improve greatly. You’ll burn calories after your workout too, helping you losing belly fat.

Women over 40: Lose Belly Fat- Strength (Weight) Training

Is strength training (weight training) worthwhile? I do not want to become bulky.
As a woman, you would have to train very hard to become bulky. If you increase your muscle mass you will burn fat even when you’re not physically active. Muscles burn fat, fat tissue doesn’t burn fat. Replacing fat with lean muscles is a sound idea.

Women over 40: Lose Belly Fat- Abs Exercises

Are abs-exercises helpful? I am thinking about sit-ups or crunches.
Yes and no. Some people think “if I have fat on my abs and I’m training my abs then I will lose fat on my abs”. That’s a myth. But: You will burn more calories if you strengthen your abdominal muscles. The more muscles you have the more calories you will burn. And: If you have well trained abdominal muscles, you’ll easier suck in a protruding belly.

Women over 40: Lose Belly Fat- Sleep

I’ve heard that sleep is important in losing belly fat. Is it actually true?
Yes, that’s true. There is a statistical correlation between lack of sleep and obesity. Broadly Speaking, you need to have enough time for yourself- stress increases your chances of being overweight and obese.

Women over 40: Lose Belly Fat- Yoga and Pilates

Is Pilates or Yoga helpful?
Pilates and Yoga help very much. It will tone up your midsection while challenging your cardiovascular system. You might find that your posture improves too- people will see you as more powerful and energetic.

Lose Belly Fat- Losing Belly Fat With a Program

I’ve answered some common questions regarding losing belly fat particularly for women over 40. Women over 40 have very different lifestyles. Your weight loss program should adapt to your special situation.

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